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Megan and Scotty T's Celebrity Big Brother love story has had a fair few bumps in the road since Ms. McKenna was evicted almost two weeks ago – but things came to a head last night.

As part of a task, former housemates Megan and Louisa returned, and called a 'press conference' to ask some very awkward questions.

First up, Louisa and Megan grilled Scotty on his uber-flirtatious relationship with fellow housemate Tiffany Pollard, which has only escalated since Megan's eviction.

After being asked by Megan if he was "attracted to Tiff," Scotty did his best to defend himself, telling Megan he was doing his best to stand by her.

"We've had a bit of flirty banter. I've stood by you… I never expected to have that connection with you," he said.

While Megan seemed satisifed with Scotty's answer, she failed to bring up the minor issue of the secret girlfriend he supposedly has outside the house.

Jeremy McConnell dropped the bombshell that Scotty was indeed "seeing a girl" – model Francesca Toole – when speaking to BBBOTS host Rylan Clark last week.

But during an interview with the Daily Star, Megan seemed reluctant to believe the rumours were true.

"If he has got a girlfriend then I'm a bit confused because he told me he was seeing someone on and off."

The drama continues!



Another day, another Celebrity Big Brother secret relationship. 

Yesterday, we revealed the identity of Scotty T's alleged girlfriend and now it seems we've discovered Tiffany's secret boyfriend. 

Yep, unlike Stephanie Davis who made sure that EVERYONE knew about her relationship with Sam Reece, it seems Tiff and Scotty T thought their chances in the CBB house would be drastically improved if they were purported to be single. 

Speculation began last week after Tiffany admitted in a game of Truth or Dare that she had: "been with the same d*ck for four years."

Despite going after Scotty T with her full force, Tiff is actually dating Los Angelos-based rapper Aktion LA Jackson. 

And one look at Aktion's Twitter page and it seems that the rapper is following Tiffany's journey in the house closely. 

But it seems that Tiff's American bae is fully aware that the show is a game and cannot wait to greet his girlfriend when she gets out. 

Tiffany got angry with her nomination last week and said: "When I leave this Friday, at least I can get a stiff drink, stiff d**k and some steak."

And it seems that Aktion is more than happy to oblige. 

Now this seems like one of the more saner of the CBB relationships, if that's even possible. 


When Jeremy McConnell made his shocking revelation about Scotty T's 'secret girlfriend' following his eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house last week, we were all up in arms about WHO would put up with the Geordie lothario and his antics. 

Jeremy revealed on Big Brother's Bit on the Side on Friday that Scotty T had not been up-front about his relationship status in the house. 

"There’s this girl he’s seeing that he likes, but his job is to have sex and to be on TV," said the model to host Rylan Clark. 

"You can’t have a girlfriend when you’re doing a job like that."

And now it seems that the identity of Scotty's secret lady love has been revealed. 

As reported by the Sun, the Geordie Shore star is dating 21-year-old Francesca Toole who also hails from Newcastle. 

The young aspiring model was once a contestant for the Miss Newcastle title and according to reports, the pair have been spending the last several months together including the Christmas period. 

And the reports are at least partially confirmed by the pretty brunette's Instagram which features herself and Scotty T looking very close. 

Francesca even shared a pic of the pair kissing just a week before Scotty entered the CBB house with the caption: "Can't believe Christmas is all over for another year looking forward to 2016."

So either Scotty is just playing up to the cameras or Stephanie has not been the only contestant to cheat in the house this year…


Megan McKenna has been very up front about her feeling towards Scotty T and Tiffany Pollard's flirtatious escapades in the Celebrity Big Brother house mere days after her eviction. 

Tiffany made no secret of the fact that she wanted a piece of Scotty T now that Megan was gone and it seems that her advances did not go unnoticed by the Geordie heartbreaker as the pair shared numerous drunken kisses on the show last night. 

And speaking to Rylan Clark on Big Brother's Bit on the Side, Megan has been very unimpressed with all that has gone down in her absence. 

"As soon as I leave, this happens.

"Tiffany's just horny. She comes across as desperate… I knew he would be like this. We've got a good summer planned."

Yep, it seems that Megan had high hopes for her relationship with Scotty T after their romance in the Big Brother house, but we're not sure what will happen after Scotty's most recent antics.

Tiffany was seen walking in on Scotty T in the shower on last night's steamy episode of the reality show. 

"It's so big!" the fiery reality star exclaimed after sneaking a peak of Scotty's package. 

"She definitely touched it…" said Megan after being shown the clip. 

"I'm not going to lie, I was definitely disappointed. I've only been gone a day, my bed is still warm… "

Better off without him, Megs!


Just as the whole Scotty T and Megan McKenna romance (was it a romance?!) was heating up, Megan got booted off the show and left poor Scotty to fend for himself.

But, he didn't have to be lonely in the Big Brother house for very long as the reality star has already kissed Tiffany Pollard.

Tiffany made a beeline for the Geordie Shore star, and in all honesty, he did little to push her away.

In a sneak peek clip, Tiff and Scotty are seen leaning in for a snog while sitting in the CBB garden, drinking and smoking a cigarette. 

Tiffany then tells Scotty, "You are a good kisser, you know that right?"

We're sure he knows, Tiff. 

And, that's not even the best bit. After their smooch, Tiffany encourages Scotty to jump into the pool and get naked. He then flashes his manhood, but Tiffany misses it, exclaiming, "I missed it, I missed it!"

We're sure it won't be the last time he gets his stuff out on TV anyway, so Tiffany has plenty more opportunities. 


I think we can all agree that this year's Celebrity Big Brother has most definitely not disappointed in the drama and entertainment stakes. 

From Jezza and Stephanie getting it on to David Gest's mistaken death, this year has certainly been top notch. 

And while we have already had one pregnancy announcement in the house from Kristina Rihannoff, it seems that Gemma Collins may well be getting in on that action. 

While we can never quite tell when Gemma is being sincere or not, she tells fellow house mate Tiffany Pollard that she is convinced she is pregnant and appears to break down. 

"I'm 100% pregnant. I know it, I know it, I know it," she says in a clip shown on Big Brother's Bit on the Side. 

"I'm excited but I'm nervous as well. I need a test." 

Gemma then proceeds to get emotional as she seeks comfort from her closest pal in the house, Tiff. 

If the 34-year-old reality star is to be believed, we can assume that the father of the child is her outside boyfriend, Stephan Mortimer. 

However, unbeknownst to Gem, her beau may not be there to greet her when she leaves the house as news broke that he has been told to return to prison for 28 days.

According to the Sun, Stephen had already spent two years in jail already on charges of "grievous bodily harm."

Let's hope this is just 'reality star' Gemma looking to create entertainment, and not a real pregnancy announcement because we can't keep up with all the drama. 

Watch a video of the confession below: 


If you happened to be tuned in to Celebrity Big Brother last night, you would have been treated to ten minutes of reality star Megan McKenna losing it over…. well, we haven't quite figured out what she got so worked up about. 

The 23-year-old, who became notorious for her outbursts of rage on MTV's Ex on the Beach, seems to become a different person when she has a few drinks on her. 

Megan started by calling out fellow housemate, John Partridge as "fake" before turning to attack Tiffany Pollard who had been laughing at the outburst. 

It was revealed following the show in an exclusive clip shown on Big Brother's Bit on the Side with Rylan Clark, that Megan received a formal warning from Big Brother. 

"Megan, Big Brother has given you a formal warning," she was told in the diary after her outburst. 

"If you repeat this behaviour and language again, Big Brother may have no option but to remove you from the house."

Viewers were outraged by Megan's behaviour and in particular, by her comments made about Tiffany Pollard.

Megan called the reality star a "ghetto c**t" which viewers felt was unforgivingly racist. 

And it seems that Megan's ex-boyfriend Jordan is not surprised by the antics as he took to Twitter to suggest that he had to deal with these outbursts a lot. 

Yeah, Jordan, we literally don't know how you did it.