We all get the urge to trim a piece of our hair off every now and then. Whether it's that annoying bit that will NEVER straighten or that piece of fringe that is totally overgrown, there's always something to snip.

So if you're brave enough to trim your own hair, follow these safe steps so you don't end up with a do' like Britney circa 2007:

1. Before you do ANYTHING, step back and take a few breaths. Don't trim your hair on impulse, because you'll more than likely make a mistake. Instead take a few minutes, evaluate the situation and if you're still up for it, proceed.


2. Don't even think about reaching for a regular scissors; or worse, a craft scissors. It's important to use a proper hair-cutting scissors because they have a more pointed tip and it will make it WAY easier for you.


3. Dry your hair first. Wet hair will normally fall longer than dry hair, so it's easy to cut it too short. Once you blow-dry your hair, you'll be able to see its fullness, growth patterns and cowslick. Brush your hair so it is as even as it can be. 


4. Go SLOW. The most important thing to do is measure before you trim your hair. Look at your hair before you put it through your fingers and decide just how much you want to take off. Take the length off slowly, if you go too fast you'll probably end up taking way too much off.


5. If you have a fringe, cut it at an angle. Instead of cutting a straight line across, lightly chip away overgrown pieces so you get a soft edge.