This is one Zac Efron movie we really want to see


Zac Efron is GORGEOUS (it’s a fact) – so you could be forgiven for going to see one of his films purely for the eye candy. Take The Lucky One, for example. Not a great film, but we’d watch it again, if only for the shower scene where we got a quick shot of his delightful bum.

However, his next film actually looks like it could be worth a watch for different, less superficial reasons.

Dirty Grandpa (which has nothing to do with Johnny Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa) will star Efron alongside Robert De Niro.

De Niro plays Zac’s grandfather – a perverted former Army man who thinks his grandson is marrying the wrong woman. When they’re on their way to spring break, their personalities clash.

Sounds good to us – we love Zac in comedy roles, and we are big De Niro fans too. We’ll definitely be giving this a watch!