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Engaged after just six months of dating, sadly Marnie Simpson and Ricky Rayment's relationship ended almost as soon as it had begun.

Yes, here at SHEmazing! Towers we were particularly devastated to hear last month that reality TV's first couple had dramatically split.

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Still, it certainly seems that Geordie Shore beauty Marnie has bounced back from heartache: she's just been unveiled as the new face of Lovehoney Lingerie… and an accompanying photoshoot is all sorts of seriously sexy.

The 23-year-old is also defiant when asked what she reckons Mr Rayment would think of the resulting campaign snaps. 

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"I hope Ricky enjoys the pictures," she laughs. "I'm not one for bitterness."

Marnie recently underwent more cosmetic surgery on her breasts – improving a boob lift she had performed a couple of years ago. 

Now, she says she's "really happy" with her body and that the Lovehoney range "makes me feel incredibly sexy".

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"I am pleased with my figure. I'm never going to be a catwalk waif but I don't want to be one – I love my curves," the former Miss Newcastle explains.

"I think my best feature is my legs – they are long and slender and whenever I put on my weight it never goes on my thighs, which is a blessing."

And although she hasn't been single for long, Ms Simpson is nevertheless still considering possible future romances. 

Indeed, Lauren Silverman should probably watch out: Marnie has her eye on 56-year-old Simon Cowell – as she reckons the X Factor boss is the "one man who might be able to keep me in line".

The reality TV star adds: "I think he is gorgeous and I have such a crush on him."

She goes on to explain that she was thrilled to be asked to be the new face of Lovehoney Lingerie's autumn/winter Enchant Me collection – which has been inspired by Russian love stories. 

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Items that caught our eye include a gorgeous lace basque in midnight blue and black priced at an affordable €43, as well as a baby doll for €40. 

Meanwhile, a lace robe is €33. A pretty open cup bra and a balcony bra are both €22 each.

At the time of Marnie and Ricky's split, a friend of the latter told OK! Online that although the Towie star initially hoped he and Marnie could patch-up their differences, he ultimately couldn't get over the fact that she had kissed her fellow cast member, Aaron Chalmers.


However, Ms Simpson herself has attributed the break-up to their constant arguing. "We just weren't getting on," she previously explained.

"He'd say it was because we were spending too much time together, but if you're engaged why is that an issue?"

They first got together in January after meeting at a National Television Awards after-party and they then became engaged in June.

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Meanwhile, the brand new 11th series of MTV's Geordie Shore kicks-off tomorrow, with the gang going wild during a summer of fun on the Greek islands.

"It was an absolute blast," Marnie states. "It is the most explosive series we have done and there have been a few fireworks before!"

Marnie Simpson is brand ambassador for Lovehoney Lingerie, the online sex toy retailer.


In the past number of weeks he has been making headlines with reports of trouble brewing brewing between him and fiancée Marnie Simpson.

Now former TOWIE star Ricky Rayment has gotten himself into some bother of a different kind.

The 25-year old former reality TV star was making a nightclub appearance in Brighton over the weekend when her was attacked on the street outside the club by five men.

In the middle of the chaos Ricky himself was arrested by police for suspected bodily harm. However, he was quickly released.

Friends of the star, who was said to be badly shaken following the incident, have reportedly said that he believes he was attacked because of his public profile.

A spokesperson for Ricky confirmed the incident with the Mail Online and said that it occurred following an appearance as Shoosh nightclub.

A spokesperson for the Sussex Police said about the incident:

“Police officers on patrol in East Street were alerted to the fight near to the junction with Kings Road around 2.25am. As the situation calmed, the victim of the assault declined to provide a statement and the man was de-arrested. He left the area immediately.”

Ricky was not charged in relation to the incident. However, in recent days Ricky has been at the centre of much controversy over his relationship with Marnie.

Earlier this week reports were claiming the pair had split after Marnie’s tweets about feeling heartbroken had people feeling curious.

She later came back to deny the claims she and Ricky had split, instead explaining her beloved dog Smith had passed away. Ricky also took to social media to deny the claims saying:

“Until you get a quote from me personally, don’t believe what you read.”


Fans were left wondering if it was all over for Marnie Simpson and Ricky Rayment yesterday after a very telling tweet appeared on Marnie's account.

"'I couldn't of [sic] ever imagined what this day would bring. My heart is broken," the Geordie Shore star wrote on Sunday, prompting hundreds of messages of concern and condolence from her followers.

However it seems it wasn't Ricky that was causing Marnie heartbreak, but her dog. Last night the 22-year-old retweeted a message from fellow reality star Chloe Goodman, who wrote, "This tweet was about her puppy Smith not ricky … Her puppy had a horrible accident."

Smitten pet owner Marnie often shares pictures of her Chihuahua on social media, so we can imagine she was pretty cut up to hear something had happened him.

Last  night she shared a positive update though, posting this picture of her two pups with the caption, "Don't worry Elvis, Smith will be back soon." 


Don't worry elvis… Smith will be back soon

A photo posted by Marnie (@marniegshore) on

As for Ricky who is currently celebrating his 25th birthday in Thailand without his fiancée, he too took to social media to address the rumours of a split.

And although he did not directly deny the pair had broken up, he did say that all stories printed about him were fabricated unless he stated otherwise.

"All stories in magazine and papers are false. Until you get a quote from me personally, don't believe what you read x" he wrote last night. "Unless the story comes from my mouth then don't believe a word the papers and magazine say."

Earlier this month Marnie was spotted dancing with a mystery male at a UK nightclub, leading to reports she had cheated on her fiancé. However she took to Twitter to clear up the drama, saying the man in question was actually dating her close friend:

Sounds like Marnie and Ricky have a lot to discuss this week…


Oh no, there is some trouble in paradise as TOWIE and Geordie Shore couple Marnie and Ricky seem to have ended their engagement. 

The couple got engaged just six months after they began dating but it seems the relationship has ended as quickly as it began. 

Marnie Simpson and Ricky Rayment unfollowed each other on Twitter yesterday following an upsetting tweet from the Geordie girl.

She tweeted yesterday saying: "I couldn't of ever imagined what this day would bring. My heart is broken. "

Marnie also removed her fiancé from her Twitter bio and from her cover photo on her profile. 

Followers were quick to offer their support saying they were so sorry to hear the news and that they have been thinking about her all day. 

Rumours of the split were sparked on Saturday night when the couple were set to appear together at a club event. However, Ricky turned up to the appearance solo. 

It seems Marnie has now deleted any pictures of her and her former fiancé from her Instagram account where she used to post several couple selfies. 


Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has revealed that she feels guilty after lashing out and physically abusing her fiancé, The Only Way is Essex star, Ricky Rayment.

The 23-year-old admitted her regret after the incident where she said she kicked him in the stomach.

The couple got engaged in June after just six months of dating, but Marnie has explained how it’s not always smooth sailing in their sometimes turbulent relationship.

Speaking to Star magazine, Ms Simpson revealed that “We argue over stupid things. One time I kicked him in the stomach and I felt really guilty.”

She added, “I almost cried about it. He was upset.”

But apparently Jessica Wrights ex-boyfriend doesn’t hold too much of a grudge. Marnie gave a little too much information when she told the magazine just how they get over their fights.


The love I have for him is unreal.

A photo posted by Marnie Simpson (@marniesimpson) on

“When we have an argument we just laugh about it and then have make-up sex!”

Gary Beadle’s former flame also admitted that she is planning on tying the knot sooner rather than later. 

“[We’re getting married] very soon! I’ve always pictured myself being a young mum and bride,” Marnie said. “I want to marry him, I love him. He’s going to be the father of my kids one day.”



TOWIE's Ricky Rayment and Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson have gotten engaged after just six months of dating. 

It has been reported that Ricky popped the question two weeks ago and according to friends of the couple, Marnie "immediately said yes"

It doesn't seem all that long ago that Ricky split from his long-term girlfriend Jessica Wright after allegations he had cheated, but he's certainly ready to move on.

The newly-engaged pair might seem like they are taking things a bit fast but a friend of Ricky said that the reality star has "never been happier" and feels he has found The One. "Ricky believes he's met the girl of his dreams. Jess is a distant memory," the source told The Mirror.

The couple recently took a trip to Florida where they stayed in Ricky's parents house, and afterwards Marnie reportedly told friends that the relationship felt "right" and that she believed it could last "forever."

We wonder if Marnie has taken any words of warning from Jess though, who once described her relationship with Ricky as "toxic," saying, "I became a shell of myself."

Whatever about his bumpy relationship history, Ricky seems to be ready to move onward and upward, especially since quitting TOWIE last month – a decision he doesn't regret. "I remember when TOWIE used to be fun and there was laughter. It's a shame. Bring back the fun times producers," he tweeted recently.

It's already been reported that Ricky might appear on some upcoming episodes of Geordie Shore, but now that he's proposed, we're expecting a Geordie Shore wedding special at the very least… 


It looks like TOWIE may be about to lose one of its founding members.

It has been reported that Jessica Wright, one of the longest starring people on the show, is planning on leaving after the current series.

Speaking to The Sun, an insider explained that “Jess has had a great run and it has opened a lot of doors for her.”

The source went on to explain the many different career options that the 28-year-old would have available to her when she did leave the show.

“She’s got a successful swimwear collection with Ann Summers, a deal to write novels and now she’s looking at other options in television.”

“She’s always wanted to give presenting a go and has built up a good set of contacts to make it happen,” the insider revealed. “There is plenty to keep her busy.”

The ex-girlfriend of Ricky Rayment will be by no means the first person to leave the show in recent years.

Michelle Keegan’s husband and Jessica’s brother, Mark Wright, left the show in 2011 after the third season, while their cousin Elliott quit when he moved to Spain. Although that did mean an exciting appearance on the Marbella special.

Ricky Rayment has also left the show and is now dating Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson. 

We're thinking maybe Chris Pratt's HILARIOUS impression has had something to do with her decision! 



Ricky Rayment got himself in some trouble with TOWIE fans today when he made a badly thought-out joke about his co-star Dan Osborne.

Dan has had his fair share of criticism in the media recently, after he was fired from the reality show following allegations he had verbally abused his ex Megan Tomlin, who is the mother of his toddler son Teddy.

The 23-year-old recently became a father for the second time, welcoming a baby girl named Ella with his current girlfriend, Jacqueline Jossa – and Ricky took to Twitter this morning to poke some fun at the father-of-two.

Sharing a picture from The Sun newspaper of a man who had fathered 40 children by 20 women, Ricky wrote, "Haha @DannyO This is gonna be you #superspunk #bantaaaaa"

We're sure Ricky meant it as a joke but many Twitter users have been making their views known to the reality star.

"Bit harsh Ricky," wrote one follower, with another writing, "have some respect for @jacquelineMjos you absolute d*ck of a guy!"

As for Dan, he seems to have ignored Ricky's jibes so far, though he did take to social media today to share a recent picture of baby Ella with the caption, "She looks so much like her beautiful mummy."


She looks so much like her beautiful mummy

A photo posted by Dan Osborne (@danosborneofficial) on




TOWIE star Ricky Rayment showed he doesn't take criticism lying down with an especially harsh tweet today.

The reality star's ex, Jessica Wright, spoke on this week's episode of TOWIE about how Ricky had apparently "picked out a ring" before she unceremoniously dumped him last year.

Jessica split with Ricky after finding out he had been exchanging flirty direct messages with former X Factor contestant Lydia Lucy on Twitter.

However Jessica now claims that Ricky was smitten with her and even had plans to propose. "I heard that he'd picked out a ring for me and that he was going to propose. If he really is such a little kid then why would he have done all of that?," she said to friends on the most recent episode of the show.

It's clear Ricky, who is now seeing Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson, wasn't happy with Jessica painting him as a lovesick singleton… and he responded in a big way on Twitter yesterday when OK! magazine tweeted a link to an article featuring Jessica's quotes.

Ricky was quick to reply to them in his defence, saying, "no I was just drunk at a wedding talking shit.. the same wedding I met Lydia lucy at."

Touché! We can't WAIT to see Jess' response to that!


Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment are one of TOWIE's longest lasting couples, but now it appears their relationship is on the rocks.

The couple, who have been together for two years, were filmed having a blazing row on Monday night outside a nightclub in Essex.

The argument, which will be shown on tonight's episode of the show, was sparked when Jess confronted Ricky for sending flirtatious private messages to another woman on Twitter – believed to be former X Factor contestant Lydia Lucy. During the fight, Jess can be seen shouting and pointing while Ricky defends himself.

It's not the first time the star couple have dealt with cheating allegations. They split briefly last year when Ricky revealed he had cheated on Jess at the beginning of their relationship.

"It is true. I did cheat on you. I can't look at your face and say it didn't happen," Ricky said at the time.

A friend of the pair says Jess is hurt that Ricky has messed her around once again. "Jess is furious. Ricky has cheated before, so this is totally unacceptable to her. She found flirty messages between him and Lydia and it felt like history repeating itself."

Ricky was apparently annoyed that his girlfriend started an argument while the TOWIE cameras were rolling, rather than doing it in private. "She confronted him during filming, which really upset Ricky," said the source. "He felt she could have asked him off camera, so it got his back up."

Although the pair have survived arguments in the past, friends are worried that this could be the end for Jess and Ricky. “It was heated – they were screaming," said the insider. "She expected him to just apologise but instead the row could end their two-year relationship.”

Although the couple have yet to comment on their public fight, Jess didn't appear too cheery on Twitter on the day of the row:

We hope they can work things out!