A heartbroken Marnie reveals the truth behind THOSE cryptic tweets

Fans were left wondering if it was all over for Marnie Simpson and Ricky Rayment yesterday after a very telling tweet appeared on Marnie's account.

"'I couldn't of [sic] ever imagined what this day would bring. My heart is broken," the Geordie Shore star wrote on Sunday, prompting hundreds of messages of concern and condolence from her followers.

However it seems it wasn't Ricky that was causing Marnie heartbreak, but her dog. Last night the 22-year-old retweeted a message from fellow reality star Chloe Goodman, who wrote, "This tweet was about her puppy Smith not ricky … Her puppy had a horrible accident."

Smitten pet owner Marnie often shares pictures of her Chihuahua on social media, so we can imagine she was pretty cut up to hear something had happened him.

Last  night she shared a positive update though, posting this picture of her two pups with the caption, "Don't worry Elvis, Smith will be back soon." 


Don't worry elvis… Smith will be back soon

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As for Ricky who is currently celebrating his 25th birthday in Thailand without his fiancée, he too took to social media to address the rumours of a split.

And although he did not directly deny the pair had broken up, he did say that all stories printed about him were fabricated unless he stated otherwise.

"All stories in magazine and papers are false. Until you get a quote from me personally, don't believe what you read x" he wrote last night. "Unless the story comes from my mouth then don't believe a word the papers and magazine say."

Earlier this month Marnie was spotted dancing with a mystery male at a UK nightclub, leading to reports she had cheated on her fiancé. However she took to Twitter to clear up the drama, saying the man in question was actually dating her close friend:

Sounds like Marnie and Ricky have a lot to discuss this week…