A split could be on the cards for this reality TV couple!

Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment are one of TOWIE's longest lasting couples, but now it appears their relationship is on the rocks.

The couple, who have been together for two years, were filmed having a blazing row on Monday night outside a nightclub in Essex.

The argument, which will be shown on tonight's episode of the show, was sparked when Jess confronted Ricky for sending flirtatious private messages to another woman on Twitter – believed to be former X Factor contestant Lydia Lucy. During the fight, Jess can be seen shouting and pointing while Ricky defends himself.

It's not the first time the star couple have dealt with cheating allegations. They split briefly last year when Ricky revealed he had cheated on Jess at the beginning of their relationship.

"It is true. I did cheat on you. I can't look at your face and say it didn't happen," Ricky said at the time.

A friend of the pair says Jess is hurt that Ricky has messed her around once again. "Jess is furious. Ricky has cheated before, so this is totally unacceptable to her. She found flirty messages between him and Lydia and it felt like history repeating itself."

Ricky was apparently annoyed that his girlfriend started an argument while the TOWIE cameras were rolling, rather than doing it in private. "She confronted him during filming, which really upset Ricky," said the source. "He felt she could have asked him off camera, so it got his back up."

Although the pair have survived arguments in the past, friends are worried that this could be the end for Jess and Ricky. “It was heated – they were screaming," said the insider. "She expected him to just apologise but instead the row could end their two-year relationship.”

Although the couple have yet to comment on their public fight, Jess didn't appear too cheery on Twitter on the day of the row:

We hope they can work things out!