Ouch! Marnie gets violent with her TOWIE fiance

Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has revealed that she feels guilty after lashing out and physically abusing her fiancé, The Only Way is Essex star, Ricky Rayment.

The 23-year-old admitted her regret after the incident where she said she kicked him in the stomach.

The couple got engaged in June after just six months of dating, but Marnie has explained how it’s not always smooth sailing in their sometimes turbulent relationship.

Speaking to Star magazine, Ms Simpson revealed that “We argue over stupid things. One time I kicked him in the stomach and I felt really guilty.”

She added, “I almost cried about it. He was upset.”

But apparently Jessica Wrights ex-boyfriend doesn’t hold too much of a grudge. Marnie gave a little too much information when she told the magazine just how they get over their fights.


The love I have for him is unreal.

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“When we have an argument we just laugh about it and then have make-up sex!”

Gary Beadle’s former flame also admitted that she is planning on tying the knot sooner rather than later. 

“[We’re getting married] very soon! I’ve always pictured myself being a young mum and bride,” Marnie said. “I want to marry him, I love him. He’s going to be the father of my kids one day.”