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Radiohead's publishers have spoken out in the wake of claims that Lana Del Rey copied parts of their song Creep, saying that band have no plans to take the singer to court.

A tweet posted by Lana on Monday January 8 claimed that Thom Yorke and his bandmates would only accept 100 per cent of the publishing for her song Get Free, which they say bares striking similarities to their 1993 hit.

The singer also reportedly told the audience at one of her concerts that the alleged lawsuit could result in the song being removed from her most recent album, Lust for Life.

Speaking to music website Pitchfork, a spokesperson for publisher Warner/Chappell said:

“As Radiohead's music publisher, it's true that we've been in discussions since August of last year with Lana Del Rey's representatives.”

They went onto explain how while a request was made to credit the writers of Creep, the claim that Radiohead would only accept 100 per cent of publishing was completely false.

“It's clear that the verses of Get Free use musical elements found in the verses of Creep and we've requested that this be acknowledged in favour of all writers of Creep.”

“To set the record straight, no lawsuit has been issued and Radiohead have not said they 'will only accept 100%' of the publishing of Get Free.”

Lana has yet to respond to the latest development.


Lana Del Rey has found herself in middle of a messy lawsuit after Radiohead claimed the singer copied parts of their biggest selling hit, Creep.

Thom Yorke and his bandmates believe Lana's track Get Free, which features on her album Lust for Life, was heavily influenced by the 1993 single.

It's been reported that both parties are trying to settle the dispute outside of court.

“Both teams are trying to thrash it out behind the scenes to prevent it from going to court," a source told The Sun Online

“It’s understood that Radiohead’s team are hoping for the band to either receive compensation or be credited on the list of songwriters to receive royalties.”

However, with an agreement still not reached, it now looks likely that the artists will let the justice system run its course.

Addressing the dispute in a tweet posted over the weekend, Lana claimed that Radiohead's legal team would only accept a deal for 100 per cent of the song's royalties.

This isn't the first time the band have found themselves at the centre of a lawsuit over the song.

Radiohead were actually sued by The Hollies over Creep's resemblance to their song, The Air That I Breathe.

The Hollies own the legal battle and Radiohead were ordered to hand over a percentage of royalties and credit the writers.

Oh, the irony!



Radiohead fans were left frustrated at Coachella on Friday night after the band walked off stage twice.

The lads were forced off stage as the sound engineers were experiencing technical difficulties.

And just when they thought it was all sorted, the sound malfunctioned again, which caused the band to walk off a second time.

Radiohead were supposed to play for two hours but their performance was cut short, after they only got through a couple of songs.

The sound was completely cut during their performance of 15 Steps and then again during Let Down.

Eventually, the sound engineers seemed to fix the problem and they finished their set in the end.

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Radiohead's Thom Yorke's former partner Rachel Owen has passed away.

The pair were together for 23 years and only split up at the latter half of last year.

Rachel was a renowned artist in photography and print-making, and often taught classes in Pembroke College Oxford.

Image result for dr rachel owen

The university released a statement this afternoon: "It is with great sadness that the College marks the death of Dr Rachel Owen, who was a Retained Lecturer in Italian here at Pembroke.

"Dr Owen was an internationally-renowned artist – mixing photography and printmaking – and at the same time a scholar in medieval Italian literature. As Retained Lecturer, she used to teach Dante's Divine Comedy to Pembroke's finalists in Italian.

Image result for dr rachel owen and th9om yorke

"Dr Owen's parallel passion for art and literature was already established in her university years at Exeter, where she studied Italian and Fine Art. She then moved to Royal Holloway, London, where she completed a PhD on the illustrations of the early manuscripts of Dante's Divine Comedy.

"Each year, her Pembroke students enjoyed the pleasure and the privilege of a guided tour through the manuscripts of the Divine Comedy held at the Bodleian Library.

"Despite her declining health from cancer in the last year, she asked to continue to teach, which she did right until the end of last Michaelmas term. She was 48 years old and leaves behind a son, Noah, and a daughter, Agnes, aged 15 and 12.

Image result for pembroke college oxford dr rachel owen

"One of her latest artistic productions was a series of prints inspired by the Cantos of Dante's first book of the Divine Comedy. The prints will be exhibited at Pembroke's JCR Art Gallery during Trinity term.

"Rachel Owen, died on Sunday 18th December."

Rachel and Thom met at Exeter and were together until their amicable spit in August 2015.


If you were one of the thousands left disappointed this morning after failing to nab tickets to Radiohead's Dublin gig, you're most definitely not alone.

After the British band announced they would be taking to the stage in Dublin's 3Arena next June, countless music fans primed themselves for the 9am kick-off today.

And ten minutes later, it was all over.

According to the Ticketmaster site, mere minutes after the tickets went on sale, they were gone.

And people are struggling to cope right now.

Twitter, we'll let you field this one…









Radiohead fans, prepare to rejoice!

Amid considerable publicity due mostly to the band's disappearance and reappearance on the internet in recent days, Radiohead have announced that they will be releasing their highly-anticipated ninth studio album this Sunday!

Having released Daydreaming – a brand-spanking new single and video – earlier this week, the band have now gone one further and revealed that fans will soon be able to get their hands on the lads' newest work.

According to Entertainment Weekly and the bands' Twitter page, the album is only set for digital release on Sunday May 8th at 7pm, so those who favour a hard copy will have to wait until June 17th to add to their collection.

The band have yet to provide a title for album number 9, but whatever, we just need it in our lives NOW.