9 ridiculous things couples do purely to annoy each other


No matter how much you love someone, there's always great fun to be had in winding them up a little. Or a lot.

Endless tickling, jumping out from behind wardrobes, or NEVER forgetting that one time he talked about loving S Club 7 in his sleep… whatever it takes to set your other half on edge, you'll happily do it for sheer mischief.

Here are a few things every boyfriend/girlfriend has no doubt resorted to from time to time…

1. The finger-in-the-mouth-when-they-yawn trick


2. Calling your other half up when they're with their friends and insisting they call you by your pet name
"Don't think I caught that boo bear, can you say it again?"


3. Farting in confined spaces (us ladies tend to skip this one)
Dear God, why?!


4. Taking sneaky photos of them when they're alseep
Not because they look cute, mind you, but because they have dried drool on their chin and they look hilarious


5. Using cold feet to your advantage in bed
One touch and BOOM, you've reclaimed your half of the mattress.


6. Anything that causes short-term pain, really
Including, but not limited to: pinching, poking, tickling, and of course scalding their arm (briefly!) with the hot spoon from your cup of tea


7. Also, anything that will give them a MASSIVE fright
"How long have I been hiding in the laundry basket? Oh, only two hours."


8. Stealing food off their plate even when you're not hungry
Careful, this tactic has been known to end even the most solid of relationships…


9. Basically, anything that'll wind your other half up
Because that's true love, y'know?