George Clooney claims Matt Damon “drinks a lot”


Talking to reporters at the London premiere of Monuments Men, George Clooney said it was really hard to get Matt Damon to the set because he “drinks a lot”.

George is not usually one to be mean about his friends but he went on to add that the 43-year-old was the most difficult to work with on a daily basis.

He said: “It is hard to get him out of the trailer sometimes. I don’t like to use the word ‘diva’ or throw that around, but you know what I am saying.”

Now before you get all stroppy and defensive about the poor Matt, George was actually only joking – he really is a big kid at heart and he is well known for his prankster ways.

When he was filming Ocean’s Twelve with Brad Pitt, the 52-year-old stuck bumper stickers on Brad’s car.

One sticker said “Small Penis on Board” and according to Matt Damon:  “People were honking at him and waving and he thinks it’s because he’s Brad Pitt and he’s waving back”.

The three celebs sound like they have the best fun ever.