This man’s prank on his local bookshop is just pure genius!


Ever thought the sections in your local bookshop needed some hilarious updates? No, us neither, but prankster Jeff Wysaski has made us think otherwise.

Over on his Tumblr page, Obvious Plant, Jeff has been showing off some of his sneakier pranks – one of which includes changing the section titles in a Los Angeles bookshop to more truthful and honest descriptions.

Cookbooks? No. Meals You Intend To Make But Never Will? Yes.

This one is perfection:

Who knew a book called Big City Bags could be the answer to one of life's big questions?

And if you're looking for something really off the wall…

Jeff hasn't just been showing off his pranking skills at his local bookshop though – we love the "improvement" to his gym's towel basket, too:

All hail Jeff!