Miley causes uproar with cruel Selena Gomez diss


We know that people grow apart, but was there really any need for this?

Miley Cyrus has seriously upset fans of Selena Gomez when she flung a bizarre cardboard cut-out with Selena’s face on it into the crowd.

The cut-out had a bikini and fish-net stocking drawn onto it as well as a photo of Selena’s face.

I know, we don’t get it either.

The pop star was on stage in Milan, Italy, when the incident occurred. She can clearly be seen holding and dancing with the cut-out of Selena, before flinging it onto the crowd in front of her.

It has been said that the two fell out over Miley’s reported closeness to Justin Bieber which has upset his ex-girlfriend.

While we think it was totally unnecessary of Miley to take such public drastic action against Selena, who is clearly having a hard time at the moment, is there anyone she hasn’t fallen out with over Justin Bieber?!