Kanye West gets booed during on-stage performance!


While his personal life may be the picture of perfection, it seems the same can’t be said for Kanye West’s career!

Kanye returned to the Bonnaroo festival for the first time in six years this weekend, after he was blacklisted from the event following an incident in which he was six hours late on-stage back in 2008.

The Tennessee festival-goers were not impressed with Kanye’s very-Kanye-like speech in which he praised his own hard work and dedication. No surprise there then!

The rapper also reportedly made a dig at singer Bruno Mars when he said during his rant: “What’s the new sh** out? What’s the news sh** out with the most commercials at the Super Bowl? Let’s just stop the music and play a Bruno Mars song right now, how about that?”

However, despite many people being annoyed by his performance, many more were blown away and Twitter was alight with the debate on Kanye’s Bonnaroo festival appearance.

One thing is for sure, he knows how to get people talking!