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Diane Kruger has made an emotional plea for her newborn daughter's privacy after unauthorised images of the little girl were leaked.

She revealed her pregnancy in May and her little bundle of joy was born in November. Kruger told Extra“She’s very little, but I’m tired. I feel like a superhero right now.”

The 42-year-old actress only recently welcomed her first baby with boyfriend Norman Reedus, and explained via her Instagram account that the photos were not permitted to be captured.


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She captioned the photo of an image featuring her baby's face blurred out;

“Dear fans, dear non fans, dear paparazzi and anyone with a conscience. We were just tagged in these paparazzi pictures of me and our daughter. These pictures were taken without our consent and expose a vulnerable and innocent baby,”

“While we understand that some people would like to see a picture of our daughter, we as parents, want nothing more than allow her to grow up in privacy and safety," she added.

Tagging her boyfriend Reedus, she concluded; “Me and @bigbaldhead would kindly ask you not to repost these pictures and help us achieve that goal."


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The baby's name and birth date are unknown to the public.

The happy couple met while they were filming Sky in 2015, and went public with their romance in March of 2017.

Reedus has a 19-year-old child with ex-wife Helena Christensen.

We hope the new parents get the privacy they deserve. 


Diane Kruger recently let slip her baby’s gender and fans couldn’t be more excited for her.

The mum and her partner Norman Reedus welcomed their little bundle of joy into the world about a month ago.

And in preparation for her return to the big screen, Diane was recently interviewed by Extra.


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When asked about her new life as a mum, the actress accidentally revealed that she has a baby girl.

“She’s very little, but I’m tired. I feel like a superhero right now,” she said.

Diane went on to say that the past month has been a “very rewarding” experience.


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There is no doubt that their little girl would be an amazing actor. It's in her blood, after all.

Diane is currently working on Welcome to Marwen with co-stars Steve Carrell and Janelle Monáe.

The film based on a true story where a man struggles to put the pieces of his life back together after an accident wipes away all his memories.


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Diane, who’s character has turquoise hair in the film, went on to say that she wouldn’t have a problem with her daughter dyeing her hair the same colour.

In fact, she plans on allowing her daughter to make her own beauty choices.

“[That’s] an easy yes! Go for it — I wish my mom would have allowed me to do that,” she said.

Congratulations to Norman and and Diane on their little girl!



Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus have welcomed their first child together.

The two have been fairly private about the birth of their child and have not shared any photos or announcements to social media.

But E! News confirmed the little one’s arrival to the actor’s family.

This is Diane’s first child and she could not be happier to start a family with her husband.


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News of the 42-year-old’s pregnancy was made public in May when a source close to the couple told US Weekly.

The National Treasure star had stopped drinking alcohol and been wearing loose fitting clothes, so it was plain to see the couple’s exciting news.

The pair have been together for over two years and are still head over heels for one another.

Diane and Norman have always been extremely supportive of one another’s careers throughout their relationship.

And while her partner has been busy filming his hit TV series The Walking Dead, the actress has been working just as hard on her own career.

She recently starred in the thriller The Fade which won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture.

She has also just finished filming Welcome to Marwen with co-star Steve Carell.

The talented actor has played a wide range of roles and has refused to let her pregnancy slow her down.

Now, her and Norman will be shifting their focus to their baby boy or girl and enjoying time together as a family.

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish you all the best with your new arrival.



It looks like Daryl Dixon is officially off the market, ladies.

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is all loved up with actress Diane Kruger, and they took to the streets of New York to show off their, erm… affection.

According to E! News, Norman and Diane went out on date night during the week where they went to a bar and hung out there for four hours.

When they left they bar they were all smiles and according to eye witnesses, they "made out for half an hour" on the streets, before heading off to another pub.

"They looked like they had a great time!" the eye witness said.

Norman and Diane have been sparking romance rumours for several months now, after first being spotted in Barcelona together.

They first met on the set of Sky in 2015.

We are kinda, sorta, totally loving this new romance!



*If you don't want to know what happens in the next series of The Walking Dead, look away NOW because this could be a major spoiler.*

We love them on The Walking Dead, but as it turns out, we should love them in real life too because Glenn and Daryl are certainly real life heroes.

Norman Reedus and Steve Yeun we're cruising on motor cycles while filming for the next series of the show when they came across a car crash.

The two men hopped off their bikes to make sure the passengers were all OK.

TMZ reports that the injuries were fairly minor, however, Norman and Steve stayed around until the paramedics arrived to make sure everyone was grand. Awwww.

Now, the last series of TWD left us with a HUGE cliffhanger, so seeing the two actors could mean this is a spoiler alert – they're ALIVE (hopefully)! 



The Walking Dead's superhero Norman Reedus appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and told him of a very unexpected encounter.

While the actor was touring various Comic Con events, he met a very excited fan wanting a picture.

When the fan first came up to the actor she straight-off told him, "sometimes I like to pretend we're married." He was clearly weirded out by that… but then it got worse. 

Norman tells Jimmy that she started to act strange, shaking her hands and head. Then right after the picture was taken, she BIT him on the chest.

Security then had to tackle the woman to the ground and escort her off the premises.

The crazy woman even tweeted about it, and we just love what she wrote about him.