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This April, Netflix has got the perfect programmes for you to watch whilst you munch on chocolate this Easter.

Highlights include David Attenborough’s Our Planet, season two of Sabrina, Brie Larson in Unicorn Store and more!

They’re also adding one of our all-time favourite rom-com and a trilogy that all the family will love.

Check out our top picks below. That’s movie night sorted for the next month.



Our Planet (5/4/2019)

Remastered: Devil at the Crossroads (26/4/2019)


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 (5/4/2019)

Quicksand (5/4/2019)

The Protector: Season 2 (26/4/2019)

Special (12/4/2019)




Bridget Jones’s Diary (17/4/2019)

This Is 40 (17/4/2019)

Adrift (22/4/2019)


The Fugitive (15/4/2019)

American Gangster (14/4/2019)

Dr Foster: Season 2 (3/4/2019)


Gladiator (2/4/2019)

Jurassic Park Trilogy (16/4/2019)

The Incredible Hulk (17/4/2019)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (18/4/2019)



In late October, Netflix offered fans a brief glimpse at the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls reboot by releasing the first Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life squeal-inducing two minute trailer.

And now, just days before Rory, Lorelai and co return to small screens across the globe, the revered entertainment specialist has sent hearts racing with a SECOND GG preview.

The clip shows Rory struggling to deal with life as an unemployed college graduate, Lorelai questioning her relationship with Luke and Emily coming to terms with the loss of her husband.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as in true Gilmore Girls fashion, the video is laced with girly humour, unorthodox advice and musings like Lorelai’s “I believe in a former life I was coffee”.  Classic.

Check it out below:

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix November 25.


You might want to scrap that fancy dinner you have planned for Valentine's Day because as it turns out, all you need is some Netflix and chill.

Netflix issued a survey showing that 58 percent of people say they bond with their significant other over the streaming giant's shows and movies. 

As well as that, 72 percent said they prefer staying in and watching Netflix with their beau on date night.

It also turns out to be pretty important when first getting to know a perspective partner. 27 percent said having shows in common ("show compatibility") is really important. 

And a quarter of those asked said they find people more attractive based on the shows they watch, which Netflix has now coined show goggles.

So, there you go. Who knew having a fancy for Game of Thrones means finding a lover.


'Netflix and chill' is the new 'want to come up for a drink?' in the world of dating – a casual suggestion that we all know is going to lead to something more.

Now, some smart tech folks have capitalised on the term with a new app that serves a genius function.

If you're bored and not in the mood to swipe through hundreds of potential Tinder matches, you can simply find out who is nearby and send them an invite to, you've guessed it… watch Netflix and chill.

Like this:

The app, TikiTalk, was launched last week to great success, but the founders say it was just a flukey idea.

"Netflix and chill is just so funny. It was everything we were about. Sending someone an invite or whatever, you can make them smile," co-founder Daniel Ahn told Unilad.

"With Tinder, you have to swipe with every person. With this app, you literally open it, and you see who’s around you. From there, you can send them an invite to Netflix and chill."

Just last week, another new app, Netfling, promised to find you a match based on your Netflix preferences, pairing people with lots of mutually loved shows.

And with TikiTalk, we reckon the circle is complete. Find a match who loves the same shows, then invite them up with a cheeky 'Netflix and Chill?' request.

Who needs Tinder?