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Naughty Boy might be getting along well with Beyoncé right now, but in not so distant past he was in the middle of very public feud with Zayn Malik.

The two were reportedly working on music together that would launch Zayn’s solo career after he left One Direction, but things took a turn for the nasty. Now Naughty Boy is speaking out for the first time on his apparently ongoing feuds with the boyband and one former Directioner.

He sat down with Lorraine Kelly to talk about his recent collaboration with Beyoncé but when Zayn and the boys came up, he couldn’t hide his irritation.

Talking about how it became “a bit of a circus,” Naughty Boy explained that the reason it all came about was because of how 1D fans accused him of trying to split up the band.

He did admit that he got “a bit caught up” in the whole ordeal.

"When Zayn left the group, I was accused of being the reason why he left. People thought he left because he wanted to work with me.”

He compared the row with Zayn and the band as being in primary school and said he doesn’t feel that One Direction are a band:

"One Direction aren't even a band. They're more like an economy. Not a band.”

He added that he’s not “a tabloid guy” and he doesn’t want to be in the papers, he just wanted to be known for his music, not celebrity feuds.

"I hated the [One Direction spat]. I want to put it all to one side now and move on,” he said before adding that now that he’s working people like Beyoncé he feels like he’s doing his masters.

"This whole year has been such a journey and to end on a note like this – I couldn't ask for more.”



Oh hello there Bey!

Beyoncé managed (sort of) to surprise her legions of fans last night when she brought them a brand new track for their listening pleasure.

Naughty Boy, the DJ/producer managed to get Bey on board for a collaboration on his new track Runnin’ (Lose it All). The dance track has quite a soulful sound to it, no doubt helped by having Bey’s vocals all over the chorus.

The single also features British singer Arrow Benjamin. Reports from the Sun suggest that Bey had first heard the song back when it was still unfinished on YouTube. She liked it so much that she asked Naughty Boy to take it down so they could work on the track together.

Bey has been the news already this week for reasons not music related. Photographs of the star on holiday with her family prompted some fresh pregnancy rumours to begin floating about.

However, the star apparently dismissed the whispers with one Instagram snap, because when you’re Beyoncé that is just how you do things.

She left the snap without a caption and chose to let the photo speak for itself, as the saying goes.

Beyoncé is seen looking very pleased with herself sitting a board a fancy yacht and sipping on some chilled champagne.


A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

The 34-year old and her husband Jay-Z, along with daughter Blue Ivy are enjoying themselves on the Amalfi coast. The singer has been quite candid with her holiday snaps of late, sharing them with her fans on her website.

It looks like they are having a ball, although who wouldn’t when your holiday is cruising around on a private yacht, NBD.


One Direction’s fans made Twitter absolutely explode with rumours of Liam getting engaged to his girlfriend, Sophia Smith.

Proving once again that they are the most hard core fans, they have even managed to get #SophiamIsEngaged trending worldwide.

But could there be any truth to the rumours?

Sadly, it appears that the commotion was stemmed only from excited fans.

Liam took to Twitter to show that he at least found all the tweets comical.  He even retweeted his favourite fan tweet from the frenzy.

Since the 21-year-old shot down the rumours, other 1D fans seem to be having a meltdown over the fact that people started these rumours in the first place.

Liam also proved this week that he is not afraid to speak his mind as he openly slammed Naughty Boy during the band’s performance in Vancouver.

Mr Payne read out a sign that an audience member was holding up that bashed the music producer that has caused so much friction between Zayn and the rest of the band. 



It was only yesterday that Zayn Malik shocked the world by releasing a bunch of tweets slamming his former music producer and friend, Naughty Boy.

Since then, it has been reported that the 22-year-old has reached out to his former One Direction bandmates to try and reconcile their differences.

According to HollywoodLife.com, Zayn has reached out to the boys after realising that they are the ones who really have his best interests at heart.

An insider revealed that “Zayn has spoken to Louis Tomlinson, 23, and the 1D boys in the past few weeks after realising more and more that Naughty Boy was only out for himself. “

While Zayn has no current desire to return to the band professionally, he is eager to mend his relationship with the remaining four members.

The singer, who is engaged to Perrie Edward’s, has reportedly even apologised to Louis for everything that happened and for their Twitter feud. The source explained that “Zayn wanted to reach out and make sure they all knew he was still their brother.”

It has also been reported that he has ditched Naughty Boy in favour of music producer Sarah Stennett. So it certainly looks like Zayn is totally done with the 30-year-old musician, both professionally and personally. 



Fans of Zayn Malik have gone into a frenzy on Twitter this afternoon after the former One Direction star appeared to turn on his biggest ally.

Since quitting One Direction back in March, there have been repeated rumours that Zayn has been quietly recording some solo tracks with the help of music producer Naughty Boy. 

However in recent weeks it's been reported that the singer might have chosen to work with another producer instead, something it seems has caused a LOT of drama between the pair.

Taking to social media this afternoon, Zayn tweeted directly at the famed producer, writing, "@NaughtyBoyMusic you fat joke stop pretending we're friends no one knows you."

Ouch. Minutes later he tweeted again, this time saying, "Someone learned how to upload a video… maybe now he should learn how to use logic ha you ain't shit but a faker."

Some fans have suggested that the producer may have prematurely uploaded part of the video of Zayn's cover track, No Type, but this has yet to be confiremd.

Although Naughty Boy himself has yet to respond, he did sound a bit cynical himself on Twitter just days ago when he wrote, "this 'music' business teaches you the tricks but never the truth . you know who you are." In a recent interview with the BBC Naughty Boy described Zayn as a "genuine friend"… but it seems things took a turn for the worst over the last few days.


Zayn's One Direction contract with Sony reportedly states that he cannot release any solo music for at least 12 months after quitting the band, so at the moment it's unclear what direction his solo work might take. However it has been strongly rumoured that the singer may have ditched Naughty Boy in favour of another producer, Sarah Stennett, who has worked with other big-name artists like Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding and Jessie J.

If those rumours are true, we can expect to see a lot more drama on Twitter over the next few months…



It looks as if Zayn Malik may be leaving Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco, to go and work with rapper 50 Cent instead.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has already admitted to wanting to work with Zayn. “I want it to happen,” he told the Sunday Mirror.

“I can make him a lot of money and he can make me a lot of money,” Mr Jackson said. “The point I am making is he needs to be working with the right producers, artists, and people in the genre.”

The 39-year-old hip hop and fashion mogul has reportedly wooed Zayn by telling him that if he tries to make rap music with a pop label it could be “a little cringe, and he doesn’t want that.”

While Zayn maintained that his reason for leaving 1D was because he wanted to lead a normal life, it looks as if Perrie Edward’s fiancé has already begun work on his career as a solo artist.

Zayn has been working with producer friend Naughty Boy but their relationship has already been ensnared in controversy. 

The rapper MIC Righteous released a track that had Zayn's vocals on it. But Naughty Boy instantly claimed that the track was stolen and unfinished. 

The producer tweeted saying “Just wait for the real one… you won’t be disappointed. That had nothing to do with me or Zayn, something was stolen from the hard drive that had nothing to do with the rapper involved.”

As the La La La producer has already been involved in a heated Twitter feud with Louis Tomlinson, it looks as if Zayn could be playing it safe by jumping to 50 Cent’s label and avoiding any further controversy. 



Naughty Boy has shared the news that Zayn Malik will appear on his next album.

Speaking at the 60th Anniversary Ivor Novello awards the producer said: "Zayn is on the new album. He's got an amazing voice. He has not fully showcased what he's capable of.

"I've got him on my album but that's a Naughty Boy track. That'll give a taste."

"Our track is going to be ready in a couple of months … You are going to be shocked by what he comes out with, I feel that the last five years have the most important for him but I feel he has a future beyond that," he said.

He also teased that it could be released as a single.

The heartthrob left One Direction in March claiming he wanted a normal life.

He is engaged to Perrie Edwards and has been spending a lot of time with his new best friend Naughty Boy. 

Aaaaand now we wait for a reaction from Louis…



Just after Louis claimed things were "all good in the hood" with Zayn, it appears the ex One Direction member's best friend Naughty Boy is trying to stir up trouble AGAIN.

The producer has made the decision to follow Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and Gemma Styles on Twitter.

If these names mean nothing to you, they are the ex girlfriend Louis split from recently after five years, Liam's long-term ex girlfriend, and Harry Styles sister. 

We're guessing it's not just banter anymore then? 

None of them have followed him back or had any interaction with him yet (that we know of), but we're sure this will have the heartthrobs raging, especially Louis. 

A few days ago, Naughty boy said on Celebrity Juice:  "Talking about it is obviously not my problem, the problem is that something doesn't deserve the attention, someone like Louis is not in my radar of anything."

Yeah Naughty Boy, you really seem like you're not bothered about him…

If only that previous Twitter feud had never happened.



Zayn Malik's bestie has opened up about the former One Direction member. 

On a teaser video for an episode Celebrity Juice, Naughty Boy said has spoken about Zayn's decision to leave One Direction.

''Zayn's in a great place. Zayn left for his own personal reasons and one day people will know everything … and right now is not the time.''

In the clip, cheeky Jimmy Bullard brings up quite an awkward topic as he tells Naughty Boy: ''Guess who my friend is? Louis."

The producer simply responded with: ''Oh right, here we go.''

Surprisingly, he went on to say it was all "just banter".

The episode airs tonight and is Naughty Boy's first public appearance since his famous Twitter argument with Louis Tomlinson.

The pair were involved in a heated argument after a sly dig was posted about the producer and his partner in crime, Zayn.

​They were quick to defend themselves against Louis which caused even more tension.

Things have since died down, but we bet we haven't seen the end of this feud. 



It looks like tensions are still running high between One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and producer Naughty Boy. 

Just when we thought the feud had began to settle, Naughty Boy started it up again and Louis did not choose to stay completely quiet. 

During an interview with the Sun, Naughty Boy slammed Louis by calling him a child. 

"Louis needs to shut his mouth. He is just a child," he said.

The producer then added: "He's messing with a sleeping lion and you shouldn't have woken up a sleeping lion, you are going to regret it," before defending Zayn and his five years of loyalty to the band. 

Louis then responded with a quick, not-so-subtle tweet: "Roar hahahaha !", more than likely referring to Naughty Boy's sleeping lion comment.

Fans were quick to catch on to the hint, but there has been no obvious angry words from Naughty Boy or Zayn Malik just yet, apart from Naughty Boy tweeting: "absence makes the fear grow stronger," which may not even be about Louis. 

Problems began between the pair when Naughty Boy released apparent new music by Zayn, after Zayn's shock departure from One Direction in March, this has been followed by numerous Twitter bickers. 

Zayn left the band to have a normal life and has since become very close with Naughty Boy, leading to bad feelings between him and Louis. 



Kim Kardashian and selfies are like biscuits and a good cuppa – they just go together, and this is something we have all accepted at this stage.

With the reality star on the promotional trail with her new selfie book, Selfish, however, not everyone is impressed with her latest venture.

Music producer Naughty Boy took to his social media channels to make his feelings very clear after watching her latest appearance.

“Kim K + selfies = something this world never needed, but it shows what we need most. Less makeup,” he wrote.

Ouch. Needless to say, Kim’s followers were quick to criticise Naughty Boy for his, er, naughty diss to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

“Naughty + Twitter = something this world never needed, but shows what we need most. Less douchebags,” wrote one follower.

The producer, real name Shahid Khan, has already found himself in hot water with the Twitter-verse in recent times. Khan was slammed by One Direction star Louis Tomlinson for sharing a link to a song he supposedly recorded with ex-member Zayn, just days after he quit the band.

“Wow, you’re so inconsiderate pal, seriously how f**king old are you? Grow up!” Louis wrote, after Khan posted the link.

He certainly knows how to stir the pot, doesn’t he?



Zayn Malik has told The Sun what he has been up to since his exit from One Direction. 

He said he has been "watching late-night movies, enjoying home-cooked food and singing karaoke."

"All is good, I'm doing alright," he claims. 

The former One Direction member has also been spending time with his fianceé, Perrie Edwards, and friend, Naughty Boy.

His interview with The Sun is his first interview since announcing his decision to leave the boy band on March 25. 

He was reported to have arrived at Naughty Boy's London studio looking "happy and relaxed."

Naughty Boy has told The Sun: "He just wants to get out of the house and comes here."

The producer then added: "He's doing things that he hasn't done for years. Coming to the studio is his way of chilling and he's here with his friends."

Zayn paid tribute to One Direction during a speech last week at the Annual Asian Awards in London. 

His decision to leave the band came after rumours surfaced that he had cheated on Little Mix's Perrie Edwards.

He is expected to be releasing solo music in the future despite saying he wanted to live a "normal life."