As with most classic films that we watch over and over again, it's easy to forget that the cast of Mrs Doubtfire are not all frozen in time back in 1993.

Mara Wilson's gone on to ditch acting in favour of writing, Sally Field has been in everything from Brothers and Sisters to The Amazing Spider-Man, and while Robin Williams has since sadly passed away, his career also took off in a million different directions post-Doubtfire.

One cast member we haven't heard much from in a few years though is Matthew Lawrence, the teen actor who played Robin and Sally's son Chris.

After Mrs Doubtfire, Matthew went on to star in Boy Meets World, but there has been relative radio silence from him since 2000, aside from a few cameos for Nickelodeon.

Well, we've tracked him down, and we can confirm that the adult Matthew is 100% HOT. 

Here he is (FYI, he's now 36) posing for a selfie:


On my way to set all bundled up! Love my job and the places it takes me to! Hood Canal Seattle Washington

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Oh, and there he is out for a hike.


This is what I am looking at right now. At the summit of Glacier point looking at half dome YOSEMITE!

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Seems like the last 16 years have been very kind to him indeed.