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With the nation gone crazy with Hinch Hauls and Hinching your homes, Charlene Flanagan otherwise known as Mrs.Jones has some top tips to declutter your makeup stash.

Charlene recommends doing this every six to 12 months, it not only will help keep your routine organised, your skin and brushes healthier, but you will more than likely start to use different products you completely forgot about you had which feels like you have a new makeup bag.

1. Beauty Bootcamp

Start by sorting your makeup into piles. Eg. lipsticks, palettes, pencils, samples etc. Once you see where everything is it’s easier to get rid of unwanted items and you are one step closer to decluttering your makeup stash.

2. Keep, Throw, Maybe

Now that you have organised the piles arrange them into Keep, Throw & Maybe piles.

Take into consideration that every product has an after open shelf life. Can you remember when you bought each product?

Did you know you should replace your mascara every three months!? Taking note of expiry dates will avoid nasty infections, breakouts, cracked lips etc. Be strong, be brutal!

Mrs. Jones’ Top Tip:  If you're really struggling with this task, book in a private one to one with a makeup artist who will guide you on what does and doesn’t suit you.

3. Separate your makeup bags

Separating your makeup bags into your everyday essential products and your going out/occasion wear products will not only simplify your routine but it will make getting out the door in the morning so much quicker.

Mrs. Jones’ Top Tip: Buy yourself clear makeup bags so you can easily see where everything is and also they can be easily wiped clean.

4. Keep your brushes squeaky clean

Your makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. It could be the cause of bumpy skin, blemish/acne prone skin, infections, etc.

Not only will you find your skin improved but your makeup will apply so much better and your brushes will last so much longer – if you don't want to get messy with your shampoo bottle, Ella & Jo have an UNREAL Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser to keep your brush bristles pristine. 

5. Reward yourself for spring cleaning

Your reward of course is a little well deserved treat. Repurchase any products that have passed the expiry date/shelf life and treat yourself to some organising accessories e.g Clutterboxes, Drawer Separators, Lipstick Holders, Makeup Brush Holders. Do this after you have organised your stash so you know exactly what you need when it's all organised.




Many of us don't really know what make-up brushes we need. 

We have the few obvious ones, like a foundation brush and eyebrow brush, but after that, it's a bit of a minefield. 

But with many businesses and bloggers pushing us to get a 50-piece brush set, which ones do we actually need? 

The average woman doesn't need – and most likely will never use – all of the brushes found in a professionals make-up kit (fan brush, we're looking at you).

Instead, edit down to three that will multi-task to serve your eyeliner, foundation, blush and shadow needs. We found some great examples from MAC.

1. A small, angled brush 

Use this for anything that requires precision: applying liquid or gel eyeliner, grooming and shaping your brows with powder and drawing clean, perfect lipstick lines. 


2. A flat, paddle-like brush

This is essential for building coverage with powders and creams. You can use it for eye shadow, foundation, concealer and highlighter. 


3. A soft dome-shaped brush

This fluffy brush should be a medium size to suit your eyes and face. Use it to blend, sweep and buff cream or powder blush and bronzer and to wash eye shadow across the eyelids. 


There really is no way of getting around this one. 

Make-up artists drill us about cleaning our make-up brushes – but it's such a daunting task.

Many of us ignore the expert advice but it's something we really need to do. 

Not only are they gathering product-based dirt; but oil, barteria and even dead skin (ew) cluster on our brushes. 

And if that doesn't have you running for your cleanser, we don't know what will!

Those who do bother to clean, often use regular shampoo or hand soap. But with many products containing ingredients we can't even pronounce, is it really safe to let that near our faces? 

Instead, you should try these natural products to give your brushes a good, thorough cleaning. 

Coconut oil

Ah, the wonder product! Not only can we cook with it and moisturise with it, we can clean your make-up brushes with it too! We love the new Vita Coco coconit oil, which is extra virgin. That means it contains no nasty chemicals, it's organic, raw and 100 percent natural. Score! 


Tea tree cleanser

Tea tree cleanser totally refreshes and cleans your face and it's also a great natural way of cleaning your brushes. Our pick is The Body Shop's Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser. The tea tree oil comes from the foothills of Mount Kenya. Fancy!

The leaves are picked from the plant by hand and then steam-distilled to release the oil. It's a popular product for leaving your face blemish free, so only good can come of using this on your brushes!


Natural hand soap

Soap can just about wash any part of your body – so it stands to reason that it's sensitive enough for your brushes. We chose The Handmade Soap Co's Lavender, Rosemary and Mint Hand Wash, to leave your brushes smelling beautiful.

It will clean them right to the core, so no worries of anything getting left behind. The soap is also free from synthetic foaming agents, thickeners and dyes, so it's completely safe to use!


Blank Canvas Cosmetics are on a mission to transform how you look at beauty. 

Founded in 2011 by beauty expert Una Tynan, Blank Canvas Cosmetics have become a firm favourite among bloggers, YouTubers and beauty buffs alike, with the diverse range of make-up and tools proving a big hit with its loyal customers.

From pretty eye palettes to an impressive collection of over 50 make-up tools, Blank Canvas Cosmetics have a broad range of top quality products available at affordable prices.

The brand’s increasing popularity has also seen its make-up lines expanding, with a new collection of eyeliner pens, ‘Borderlines’ and ‘Winging It’, recently added, and even more new products promised for 2015.

Our Beauty Expert, Odette, tried out Blank Canvas Cosmetic for herself, watch the review above to hear what she had to say.

For more information on Blank Canvas Cosmetics, visit their website at www.blankcanvascosmetics.com, or on their Facebook page, BCCOSMETICS.



Make-up brushes are expensive so rather than forking out a fortune on ones that you may never need, here is the ultimate guide to the brushes that you should have in your bag.

Foundation brush
This is perfect for applying cream or liquid foundation to create a flawless finish.

Powder brush
This is a must-have item and is important to set your foundation. Invest in a good one that won’t leave bristles on your face.

Blush brush
Your make-up is not complete until you have blended in your blush. This brush helps to define and contour and pick up the blush powder.

Concealer brush
If you are prone to blemishes such as scars, dark circles, broken capillaries or spots, this brush will help you to hide them.

Blending brush
This is essential for blending eyeshadow and is great for softening and smudging.

Contouring brush
Not an absolute necessity but it is pretty useful for sculpting and lifting your cheek bones, enhancing the brow line and narrowing your face.