Our favourite coconut water brand has just released a… coconut oil

In the past year, the beauty world has gone c-r-a-z-y for coconut oil – largely because it promises so many glorious things. 

Not only can you cook food with it, you can use it as a beauty product too – in fact, it is the wonder product of 2015, we reckon. 

That's why we got so excited to learn that one of our favourite coconut water companies, Vita Coco, is about to release an all-new coconut oil. Yipee!

The new oil is organic, 100 percent raw, extra-virgin and cold pressed, which means you will get the very best out of its ingredients. 

As the ultimate cooking ingredient, it can be used to make the healthiest of meals and, what's more, is that you only need a drop of it – so it lasts for ages. 

On the beauty side of the deal, it is the biggest secret in town, helping you to take care of everything from your skin to your hair and nails.

And ANOTHER benefit? It's the best natural energy supplements out there. If you feel sluggish throughout the day, mix a bit into your coffee or spread a bit on your toast and you will be just as active as a kid in a sweet shop – but without the nasty crash later in the day.

Oh, and it's thought to boost the immune system too.

To get your hands on the beauty wonder head to Tesco or Boots. Yay!