The low down on must-have make-up brushes


Make-up brushes are expensive so rather than forking out a fortune on ones that you may never need, here is the ultimate guide to the brushes that you should have in your bag.

Foundation brush
This is perfect for applying cream or liquid foundation to create a flawless finish.

Powder brush
This is a must-have item and is important to set your foundation. Invest in a good one that won’t leave bristles on your face.

Blush brush
Your make-up is not complete until you have blended in your blush. This brush helps to define and contour and pick up the blush powder.

Concealer brush
If you are prone to blemishes such as scars, dark circles, broken capillaries or spots, this brush will help you to hide them.

Blending brush
This is essential for blending eyeshadow and is great for softening and smudging.

Contouring brush
Not an absolute necessity but it is pretty useful for sculpting and lifting your cheek bones, enhancing the brow line and narrowing your face.