There really is no way of getting around this one. 

Make-up artists drill us about cleaning our make-up brushes – but it's such a daunting task.

Many of us ignore the expert advice but it's something we really need to do. 

Not only are they gathering product-based dirt; but oil, barteria and even dead skin (ew) cluster on our brushes. 

And if that doesn't have you running for your cleanser, we don't know what will!

Those who do bother to clean, often use regular shampoo or hand soap. But with many products containing ingredients we can't even pronounce, is it really safe to let that near our faces? 

Instead, you should try these natural products to give your brushes a good, thorough cleaning. 

Coconut oil

Ah, the wonder product! Not only can we cook with it and moisturise with it, we can clean your make-up brushes with it too! We love the new Vita Coco coconit oil, which is extra virgin. That means it contains no nasty chemicals, it's organic, raw and 100 percent natural. Score! 


Tea tree cleanser

Tea tree cleanser totally refreshes and cleans your face and it's also a great natural way of cleaning your brushes. Our pick is The Body Shop's Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser. The tea tree oil comes from the foothills of Mount Kenya. Fancy!

The leaves are picked from the plant by hand and then steam-distilled to release the oil. It's a popular product for leaving your face blemish free, so only good can come of using this on your brushes!


Natural hand soap

Soap can just about wash any part of your body – so it stands to reason that it's sensitive enough for your brushes. We chose The Handmade Soap Co's Lavender, Rosemary and Mint Hand Wash, to leave your brushes smelling beautiful.

It will clean them right to the core, so no worries of anything getting left behind. The soap is also free from synthetic foaming agents, thickeners and dyes, so it's completely safe to use!