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Getting a good night's sleep is probably one of the most glorious feelings. If you've ever had trouble sleeping then you will know how frustrating it can be lying awake at night, feeling tired but being painfully conscious. 

No one wants that. Also, getting enough sleep at night is important for your health. An American organisation put together this handy chart that tells you roughly how much sleep you should be getting each night.

If this sleep schedule seems unfamiliar then read on because we have some of the easiest tricks you can use to get yourself make on track. 

Stop napping.

This actually goes against almost everything we believe, but, it's a surefire way to restless sleep that makes you want to nap needs to be stopped. Break the cycle and literally let yourself get tired out by ditching the naps. 

Eat earlier in the evening.

Going to sleep on a full stomach can make you uncomfortable and restless, so try having dinner earlier in the evening for optimum sleeping conditions.

Get the temperature right.

No seriously, those people who have to have the duvet covering one half of their body exactly are on to something. You're body won't settle down if you're too cold or too hot, so figure out what temperture you need and try to stick with it. 

Put the wine down.

A nightcap might seem like a fabulous idea, but it actually leads to less REM sleep, and that's the good kind that you need. Sorry to break it to you.

Turn off all the gadgets. 

The experts recommend that you turn off anything like your phone, tablet, laptop or TV at least 30 minutes before you head to bed. The blue light they emit tricks your brain into thinking it is in fact day time, so no sleep for you. 

Put the dog out.

Sorry Spot but you need to get out of the bedroom. A study found that 63 per cent of pet owners who allowed their pet sleep in their room expected poor quality sleep. So it may be time to part ways if you need some quality sleep.



Breakfast: the most important meal of the day. Around these parts we are big fans of breakfast food, huge fans. So anytime we stumble across a way to make our favourite meal time even better, we get excited.

We found some of the best hacks one the internet that are designed to make sure that you get the best from your morning meal.


No need to spend all morning slaving over the pan. Prep as many as you need for the day ahead by making as much scrambled egg as you like (with whatever veggies you desire) and then pour into either a greased muffin pan or cases. Cover with tin foil and pop in the fridge. Then feel free to press snooze with no guilt, at all.


Many fruit-flavoured yoghurts are filled with sugars, which means you’re not actually enjoying much fruity goodness. Try to swap to plain Greek yoghurt and use raisins, frozen berries, almonds or bananas and a little honey for flavour and goodness.


Flip the bag, or the whole box before you open it to make sure you don’t get stuck with just the crumbs or cereal dust towards the bottom of the bag.

Eggs and avocado bowls:

The breakfast of champions is right here and you if you like eggs and/or avocado you need to try this. Amazing.


Maybe this won’t necessarily save you a whole lot of time, but it will certainly make breakfast more fun, an essential for any bacon fan in your life. You can find it here.


Love selfies? Love breakfast? Well now you can have yourself plastered all over your favourite carb every morning. What a time to be alive. Have a look for this here.  


If you love smoothies save yourself some time in the mornings by chopping all your ingredients before in bulk and freezing them. Extra sleep, and delicious smoothies. Excellent.


You can make an omlette with hardly any clean up. Nobody likes spending hours doing dishes when we could be eating more breakfast, so check the recipe here.


Use an empty squeeze bottle for your pancake batter so you can save yourself some mess and practice your pancake art skills.

Pancake rings:

A kind of-almost healthy breakfast option that everyone should try at least once, it might surprise you how much you love them. If you’re feeling



How many of us have been left feeling pretty angry when we take our freshly washed clothes out of the laundry only to discover that they no longer fit.

There’s possibly nothing worse than putting your favourite top in the wash and having it come out looking like something even Barbie would think was a touch snug.

Well luckily for you one internet user has discovered an easy solution. No more shrunken clothes ever again!

Basically, you just have to soak the sad shrunken item in fabric conditioner for around 5 minutes, when you take it out squeeze the excess moisture out before you put it flat on a towel.

Then you roll the towel up nice and snug, before you unravel it to stretch the clothing back out to it's original size.

Magic. You can now be one step closer to becoming an actual domestic goddess.



The first few weeks of college can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you're moving away from home for the first time. Grocery shopping, sorting classes, getting to know people AND trying to avoid waking up with the hangover of a lifetime… it's a lot of responsibility.

As with anything in life though, there are a few cheats and tricks that can make things a whole lot easier for you.

Here are a few of our faves…

1. Avail of ALL the freebies
Colleges are a goldmine for free stuff at the start of term. Stock up on goodie bags and welcome packs for free snacks, vouchers and stationery. Plus get takeaway pizza galore at society welcome meetings.


2. Amplify the sound on your tablet using a plastic cup
For a phone or iPod, simply stand it inside the cup.


3. Take notes in different coloured ink
This will aid your visual memory and help with recall come exam time.


4. Raid the yellow sticker section at your local supermarket
Food that's nearly at its "best before" date but is still perfectly fine to eat is often sold at knockdown prices, so look for the yellow stickers. Try to get there before the evening rush to get the best picks.


5. No plates for pizza? Use this handy trick.



6. Laptop overheating? Fear not.
Allow more air circulation by placing it on a drinks tray or egg box. Plus, this way it can still rest on your lap.


7. No more warm beer
Use the paper towel trick!


8. For easier reheating of leftovers, here's how to fit two bowls in the microwave
Happy days.


9. Get hangover savvy
Fill up on food before drinking, not after – your liver will be too busy breaking down alcohol to break down that 2am kebab. Also stay hydrated and take a multivitamin every day to keep fighting fit. Ed knows the rules.


Sometimes you feel like you have your life totally under control and you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Then there’s the time when you can’t get your eyebrows to match, nothing in your wardrobe is suitable and you just want to get back under the covers and never emerge.

Interestingly enough, the one thing that can bring on this feeling of despair is this:

Whether you’re right or left handed, if you’ve ever tried to give yourself a manicure at home this has surely happened at some point.

However, you need never fear again because the good people at Allure have found us the most simple of solutions.

Glue. Glue is answer to all of your nail woes. Never again will you leave the house looking like you dumped your hand in a paint bucket. Success!

The ultimate life hacks for when you need your nails to be on point but you don’t have the time, or funds, to ask a professional for help.

Just make sure you’re using non-toxic glue. Then paint a thin coat around the nail bed and allow it to act as barrier between your skin and the polish.

When you’re finished with the polish, all you have to do is grab a tweezers and peel off the polish. Perfection, every single time.


Who doesn’t love a home cooked meal? They can be one of life’s most simple pleasures and around here we are big fans of any and all food tasting experiences.

The only thing we are not so wild about is that sometimes our favourite dishes can be a bit more complex to master than we desire. Sometimes we just want to be on the couch watching Netflix, not hovering over pots and pans.

So in order to maximise your post-dinner nap time give these recipes a try and we promise you will never be hungry again.

DIY sushi that is just as delicious as the professionals. Find it here.

The easiest blondies you will ever make, you only need one bowl.

Tasty chicken with just a few spices is all yours with this recipe

Pasta. Delicious pasta. You don't even need to drain it.Try it here.

Or try a low-carb option, get the recipe here

This is all you need to be a good party host from now on. 4-ingredient sangria.



We love making summer plans, love them. We envision road trips up and down the coast, camping, festivals, back garden BBQs that make hipsters weep. There’s just one issue. The weather.

It can be a tricky thing to try and get the rain and wind to co-ordinate with your summer time plans. However, you don’t need to throw yourself down on the couch to wallow just yet. There’s a couple of things you can do to revive some hope and still make the most of your summer plans.

Take the BBQ/picnic inside

Make use of that lovely blanket you adore so much and bring the party inside. Also a great excuse to make a fort because even grownups can see the fun in that, can’t they?


Cupcakes generally make everyone happier. Beat the bad weather blues with some fabulous baked goods. Go on, we even found you a cheat sheet. 

Go swimming

Sure you were going to get soaked anyway!


Embrace your inner chill and spend some time at your local spa, or just invite some friends over for a cheaper alternative at home.

Read that book you said you were going to start last year


There’s sure to be plenty of options for you to lose yourself in over the summer. If you don't know where to start, here's a handy guide for you. 

Online shopping

Treat yourself to something nice without the hassle of long queues and getting soaked running to try and get the last bus. 


Ah running. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of your lungs burning and your entire body shaking when you realise you have made a terrible mistake and you should never have attempted this charity 5K.

And that’s only how it feels putting on your running shoes.

Lucky for you, we found a couple of clever running hacks that will make it easier. We’re not promising you’ll become Sonia O’Sullivan overnight, but hopefully this can help you give it a go. You could become one of those people who gets up to run with the sunrise because you think it's fun


Make your snacks for pre and post running delicious.

Especially if you’re running first thing in the morning (you hero). Avoid mushy sandwiches and pre-packaged health bars by looking to real healthy individuals ideas. Buzzfeed asked real healthy people what they eat if you need some inspiration. Go for high-carb, low-fiber and low-fat snacks before you run. 


Get a proper sports bra

It can make all the difference. Consider the different types and go ask the professionals about this, it could turn your morning jog into a world record attempt, you never know.


Banish shin splints

These can feel like actual death. Runners World have compiled some easy exercises you can do every day to strengthen your calves and ankles if you suffer from shin splints.


Sign up for a fun running event

Colour runs are having a bit of moment in the last year or so. Fancy dress may not seem like ideal running gear but they do say time flies when you’re having fun. Any race that’s going to be playing music en route is a sure winner.


Invest in some trendy running gear


A photo posted by Run INKspired (@runinkspired) on

Make sure your headband game is on point. They work for both keeping your hair and sweat out of your face and also they’re hilarious and fun. You can also get some temporary body art to keep your motivation up while mid-run. Try these to make you feel like an actual cheetah and never give up.


Slow down

No need to tackle 13 miles your first time out. Break up some distances with brisk walking to help build up stamina. Try the Galloway method or make up you own by working with some of your favourite songs, walk for the verse then run for the chorus and so on. 


Stop stretching before you run

According to studies it won't make a difference. Google dynamic stretches instead if you need a good warm up before you run.



Some people find it pretty hard to imagine life without Facebook. But with the almost constant updates and changes, it can get a little hard to manage. The simple things we used to be able to do with one click now look entirely different, or they’ve disappeared entirely.

We discovered some Facebook tricks so that you’re living your best social media life.

Make Messenger more accessible

We have too many apps already! Why did they think we wanted to have two separate Facebook apps? You can declutter your app situation by using the browser on your smartphone to open the messenger app without the actual app. You can see a second method here.


Go incognito

Disable the “seen” feature in Facebook messages so nobody will ever invade your privacy again. You can also use it to avoid particular things, but that’s none of our business. Check here if you use Google Chrome, and here for non-Chrome users.


Say bye-bye to ads

Stop annoying Facebook ads from stalking you by turning off the tracking through the app. Check the “Limit Ad Tracking” button. It makes a world of difference. There’s a number of other ways you can do it here.


Amp up your search skills

Facebook search is great. But if you want to really step up your search game you can use the Facebook graph search. The results will make your day. You can search for specific things like 'gyms near me with the best playlists', and so on.


Use GIFs

Who doesn’t love a good GIF? If you haven’t been able to express your emotions with animations yet, then all you need to do is head to Giphy. Do a search for what you want, copy the URL and paste it into either your status or a comment.

Note: they’re not officially GIFs as Facebook banned those, because they hate us having too much fun, but this is the next best thing.


Get a privacy check-up

Just to make sure your privacy settings are exactly how you want them, go and utilise Facebook’s three-step privacy review. Considering all the updates that happen it’s a good idea, especially if you want to disable that pesky photo search feature.


Find your friends when they're nearby

No, you don’t need to tell all 600 of your friends where you are, unless you really want to. The Nearby Friends feature however doesn’t just let people know where you are. You can make a private trusted friends list that will allow you to check if your friends are nearby. No more FOMO.


Sometimes you want to go out there and seize the day with a make-up game that is just so strong people will stop and ask you if you’re Kylie Jenner’s contour-master.

Other times your make-up regime is much more minimal. Who wants to set their alarm for the crack of dawn just to achieve the perfect powder to foundation ratio? We are busy ladies with important things to do! Ok, so mostly we just want an extra 5 minutes in bed.

To help you stop wasting time applying your make-up, we searched the vast inter-webs for you and rounded up a few simple make-up hacks that every girl needs to save themselves some time.

Contouring is not that much work. Just blend and apply your bronzer in the opposite direction so you make an '8' shape, then blend.

Fuller lips also do not require intense applications, just a light lip pencil.


Look, this person actually broke down great make-up routines to 3, 5 and 10 minute tutorials.

If you want thicker hair in less than 5 minutes, grab your eyeshadow

If your seriously lacking that full night of sleep glow, grab your highlight and cheat. Nail that dewy look in seconds.

Cheat your way to a great ombré manicure, not hanging around waiting for shades to dry.



Contouring has had its time in the spotlight, and strobing is just getting in on the action, BUT, have you heard about baking your makeup yet?

If you’ve ever watched Ru-Paul’s Drag Race, you’ve probably heard, and seen, the fantastic results this makeup hack can have for your face.

If you want a flawless, crease free and long lasting makeup look, you need to get on board with this trick. Beauty bloggers on YouTube are starting to get in on the trend and provide the rest of us cosmetic novices with useful advice on how to nail this look.

It takes a little more time, but the results are worth it. Plus, Kim Kardashian’s favourite makeup guru is a fan so you know that this is legit the way to ensure your face is flawless all day and night.

Basically, the method involves applying your under eye concealer and blending with a damp sponge to avoid any creases. Then you apply more concealer, yes, it’s an awful lot on makeup, but the long lasting results are worth it.

Then you dust on your translucent powder, with your fluffy eye shadow brush of course. Now you’re ready for the baking part, and no, you don’t need an oven for this step, relax.

You use a wedge sponge to pack your powder over the concealer coated areas, generously, and leave it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then get that fluffy brush back out and dust it off.

You are now baked to absolute perfection. Get ready to look red carpet flawless every day of the week; if you’re willing to set that alarm an extra 10 minutes early.

Take a look a more in-depth look at the ‘baking’ technique in this tutorial, sadly, no cupcakes are involved, apologies.  



Is quite possible that baked goods are the absolute best gift you could ever give anyone. However, baking takes a bit of skill, and practice, and willpower to not eat the batter before you’re finished. Oops.

While we all would like to leave the kitchen in one piece after our baking endeavours sometimes it’s not always possible.

So, to help you out, we found a couple of easy baking guides so you can take your cupcake game to a more delicious level. Your Sunday afternoon will now be complete with baked goods. You’re welcome. 

Mug cake recipes FTW

The answer is always "all of the cake", but here's a chart to help you anyway

How to identify the best of the cookies


Marshmallow Frosting. That is all. 


Store cookies with an apple slice to keep them getting too dry. 


Gluten intolerant? Not an issue, you can make your own gluten free flour with some oats

And finally, never get stuck without an ingredient again. See the whole chart here