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Who doesn't love to stay in their PJs all day? It is a weekend after all.

But when we do eventually (and unfortunately) decide to change out of our pyjamas, the question arises – do we put our comfy clothes in the wash, or are they okay for another wear?

An intense debate recently started after a woman on Mumsnet said that she washes her pyjamas after every use, which many thought was a bit too often.

Others, though, were still questioning how frequently our pyjamas need to be washed.

Prima spoke to Verity Mann, Head of Testing at the Good Housekeeping Institute, to get the scoop on proper PJ etiquette.

'Pyjamas should be washed after a few good nights' sleep,' the expert shared.

Hungry Pyjama GIF

'If you shower before you go to bed, you can wait a few extra nights between washings: I'd say once a week, so every seven days.'

However, Verity shared that sweaty sleepers may need to throw their PJs into the washing machine more often.

'If you're a sweaty sleeper you should increase this,' Verity told Prima: 'If someone has been ill, wash them straight away on as high a temperature as the care label allows.'

A poll of British couples from 2015 found, though, that the average woman washes their pyjamas less than Verity advises – waiting 17 days to do so!

Well, we're happy to hear we can forgo washing our PJs… for a little bit.


What do you think of Verity's recommendation, mums? How often do you prefer to wash PJs? Let us know!



How often do you wash your hairbrush? 

We wouldn't be surprised if you have to go quite far back in your memory to find the answer.

 Six months? A year? Never?

Well, you're not the only one.

Because let's face it, most of us just pull out a few hairs now and then before putting it back on the table.

But unfortunately for us, this is actually a pretty bad habit. In fact, we should be thoroughly cleaning our hairbrushes at least once a month.

And according to dermatologist Francesca Fusco, we should also be spray cleaning them once a week. Oops.

Francesca tells Allure: 'The less you shampoo, the more you use dry shampoo, the more you have dandruff, the more styling products you use, then the more frequently you should clean your brush.

'Residue, dead skin cells and oil colonise the brush and can become a home for bacteria and yeast which in general is not good and can smell unpleasant.'

Em… ew!

So seeing as a lot of us are total novices, Francesca tells us the most effective way of cleaning a hairbrush?

“The best way to clean it is to simply use a fine-toothed comb and rake it through the brush. It should easily catch all the hair and pull it free.”

“Then, run it under the sink and use your hands to massage the bristles to break up product that may be stuck in it. Then use your blowdryer and dry it up.”



There comes a point in every girl's life that you realise you've entered adulthood. It can be the most scary and terrifying time of your life, but you'll survive, we promise. 

And if you're not sure about it yet, here are five signs your days of being young and foolish are over (for the most part):

1. You have to wake yourself up in the morning

You once had your parents wake you up every single morning, but those days are gone. Gone, forever. Now you have to remember to put on your alarm clock, to snooze it four times and then, get yourself up. 


2. Doing the food shopping

Remember when you used to go food shopping with your parents and you could put ANYTHING in the trolley and they would just pay for it?! Those days were the best. Now though, you dread having to go food shopping and nothing sweet or tasty ever enters your trolley. Sob. 


3. You have to wash and iron your own clothes

Are you starting to really miss being a child now, because we are! Fresh, clean clothes would arrive into your room every day and you didn't even have to think about it. But being the adult that you are now, ironing your clothes is the most boring household chore. Ever. 


4. Having a budget 

If there was ever a word to strike shock and horror into your heart, it's the word 'budget'. Back in the day, whenever your granny gave you €20 it was like Christmas. Now, every single penny you make is budgeted and that's not fun… not fun at all. 


5. Paying the bills. All. By. Yourself.

Did anyone else jump for joy when you were a kid and you received a letter in the post? Because we did. But now that adulthood is here, every letter that hits the floor brings sudden panic upon you. Bills, bills and more bills, am I right?! 


But on the other hand, after a stressful day, we can all do this: 



Here at SHEmazing! we’re going to be totally honest and admit that we probably couldn’t get through the week without our trusty bottle of Batiste dry shampoo.

It’s cheap, it’s effective – and on more than one morning it’s given us a coveted extra 30minutes in bed. Bliss!

However, experts (think hairdressers and trichologists) are now warning that using it too often can lead to a host of problems: itchy flaky scalps, pimples, sores and even hair loss – including bald patches.

That's because dry shampoo isn't actually designed to be used every day (oopsies) as an alternative to washing.

So, how often is too often?

Apparently once a week is plenty (eek!) and dry shampoo should only be used on clean hair as a styling product – NOT as way to get three days out of your blow-dry.

Hmm, is it enough to persuade us to put down the bottle? We reckon if your hair is relatively healthy and strong, then there's no need to cut back just yet. 

However, if you're experiencing problems with your tresses AND you're something of a dry shampoo addict, it might well be time to re-think your styling schedule. 

You have been warned!



If you're constantly coveting perfect hair, we feel you.

As difficult as it might seem there are a few simple habits you need to start in order to achieve Disney princess-like hair. 

And no, there's no pricey fad treatments here that will drain your wallet – just little secrets on how to do your hair from your own home.

Here are the six hair habits you need to get in to:

Avoid heat styling as much as possible

Let's be honest, you have to use them sometimes. But not every single day. If you can, try to use steam rollers as they are gentle on your hair. And if you simply can't avoid using heat stylers (blow dryers, curlers, straighteners), always have a heat-spray to protect your hair. 


Keep your hair clean

We're sure you've heard of the no-shampoo movement that is currently happening, but many hair stylists disagree. If you use quality products on your hair, it is really causing no harm. Washing your hair reduces split ends, provides great moisture and gives your hair and overall clean and shiny look. 


Don't skimp on moisture

The skin on your scalp needs just as much moisture as the skin on your face, especially if it's going to provide a foundation for your hair to grow. A general rule of thumb is to use conditioner every time you wash your hair. 


Stay loyal

It's a common misconception that switching up your hair care brands keeps your hair healthier, but many experts disagree. Instead, find something that works and stick to it. Remember; you're hair doesn't know the difference. 


Get regular trims

Even if you are growing out your hair, stick to your seasonal trims. Getting your gruaig cut every six to eight weeks is necessary to prevent split ends and stops your hair cuticle splitting.


Keep it cool in the shower

When washing your hair, make sure the water isn't too hot. Blasting your hair with hot water takes the volume out, leaving you with limp locks. Instead, stick to warm water and (if you can bare it) finish by dashing your hair with cold water to achieve the ultimate shine. 



How many of us have been left feeling pretty angry when we take our freshly washed clothes out of the laundry only to discover that they no longer fit.

There’s possibly nothing worse than putting your favourite top in the wash and having it come out looking like something even Barbie would think was a touch snug.

Well luckily for you one internet user has discovered an easy solution. No more shrunken clothes ever again!

Basically, you just have to soak the sad shrunken item in fabric conditioner for around 5 minutes, when you take it out squeeze the excess moisture out before you put it flat on a towel.

Then you roll the towel up nice and snug, before you unravel it to stretch the clothing back out to it's original size.

Magic. You can now be one step closer to becoming an actual domestic goddess.


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