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It's officially October! And as well as embracing warmer coats, the chillier air, and darker evenings, we need to start thinking about Halloween.

There's no denying that the costume ante has been upped in recent years – meaning a black-plastic sack and a witch's hat just ain't gonna cut it.

So if you're stuck for inspiration, YouTube has a load of oh-so amazing clips which show you how to create seriously spooky looks at home.

From Poison Ivy to scary clowns and fortune tellers, here are EIGHT of SHEmazing!'s favourites..


1) Ripped and stapled mouth


2) Poison Ivy 


3) CleoCatra


4) Clown


5) Fortune teller 


6) Cabin In The Woods


7) Marie Antoinette


8) Pencil face



Is quite possible that baked goods are the absolute best gift you could ever give anyone. However, baking takes a bit of skill, and practice, and willpower to not eat the batter before you’re finished. Oops.

While we all would like to leave the kitchen in one piece after our baking endeavours sometimes it’s not always possible.

So, to help you out, we found a couple of easy baking guides so you can take your cupcake game to a more delicious level. Your Sunday afternoon will now be complete with baked goods. You’re welcome. 

Mug cake recipes FTW

The answer is always "all of the cake", but here's a chart to help you anyway

How to identify the best of the cookies


Marshmallow Frosting. That is all. 


Store cookies with an apple slice to keep them getting too dry. 


Gluten intolerant? Not an issue, you can make your own gluten free flour with some oats

And finally, never get stuck without an ingredient again. See the whole chart here



It’s not all fabulous ball gowns and handsome princes, we understand the life of the Disney princess can be little bit, strange.

Comedian Amy Schumer has recently come out as saying maybe we shouldn’t look up to these fictional ladies as much as we do.

However, you cannot deny that the Disney princess squad have got the best hair. They just do. For decades they’ve been leaving us envious and frankly, a little confused. How does one master Belle’s perfectly “messy” romantic ponytail without looking like you just rolled out of bed?

We’ve got you covered. We took it upon ourselves to bring to you some of the best tutorials from around the internet help you take your hair game to the next level.


Full tutorial is here 


The cold will never bother your braid anyway. Tutorial is here

Rapunzel's epic braid

​Let down your long hair here


​That high-pony though, slay.


Effortless. Tutorial is here 


Super retro glam tutorial is here