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Remember that time you struggled to recognise someone you knew simply because you saw them in a different setting?

Change the location you're used to seeing them, and you may as well change their entire identity such is the struggle to quickly identify them.

So, we're totally with Irish J1 student, Emma Kelly, who recently served Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in a Chicago restaurant, and failed to recognise him.

Taking to Twitter to admit to her faux pas, Emma tweeted: "Leo varadkar comes into our restaurant in Chicago, first I ask is he Irish then I put him on a wait list and then I put him at a tiny table"

It turns out it took a colleague telling Emma that she was interacting with her nation's leader for the penny to drop, and Emma wasted no time holding her hands up and admitting her mistake.

"Honestly, what is wrong with me?" she asked. "I'm a public disgrace."

Thankfully, good Ol' Leo took it on the chin and posed alongside Emma and her colleague in a snap, which Emma captioned: "Painfully awkward pic of us and Leo when I realised it was the Taoiseach."

Not only was Leo happy to stall for a snap, but he even tweeted Emma in the aftermath, saying: "Thanks Emma. The food & service was gr8. Enjoy the rest of your J1."

Emma's story has, unsurprisingly, amassed serious interest online, with thousands of likes and retweets since she shared it on Sunday night.

And if she's concerned that her faux pas may count against her in the future, a Dublin eatery even got in touch and offered her a job when she returns to the Irish capital.

O'Connells Restaurant in Donnybrook responded to Emma's self-deprecating tweets, writing: "Hey Emma, it happens! If on J1, when back drop in to us – happy to offer you a job . Great reaction – once u realised, u played a stormer."

Emma, never change.



As Britain prepares to divorce the EU, Ireland has wondered what the separation will mean for our Emerald Isle. 

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is expected to make an address at Queens University in Belfast today regarding Brexit. 

He is set to tell an audience that 'Brexit is the challenge of a generation' in his key note appearance today, according to RTÉ. 

After the address, the Taoiseach will meet with Northern Ireland’s political party leaders.

It is expected that discussions will involve the Taoiseach's previous comments regarding the Brexit Ireland/Northern Ireland border. 

Last week, Varadkar said that Ireland would not be assisting in the design of an economic border.

Mr Varadkar tweeted an opinion poll showing that the public is favourable towards being in the single market with limits on free movement. 

The Taoiseach will also be attending a gay Pride breakfast event while in Belfast.



Taoiseach Leo Varadkar faced major criticism after his appearance on the Vincent Browne show earlier this week.

The leader expressed to Vincent that the majority of Irish people are 'middle class,' and that that includes people living on minimum wage. 

'Over 70 per cent of people' consider themselves middle class, according to the Taoiseach, and those on minimum wage 'very much are the people.'

Leo faced serious social media backlash over the comments, but is now defending the statement. 

According to Breaking News, the Taoiseach has said that his definition of being middle class extends past financial paradigms. 

'I don’t think it’s about your income in any given year. It’s about how you see yourself and your aspirations,'said Varadkar.

“They want better for themselves and they want better for their families,” he added.



Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is facing criticism after his appearance on the Vincent Browne show last night. 

The leader expressed to Vincent that the majority of Irish people are 'middle class,' and that that includes people living on minimum wage. 

'Over 70 per cent of people' consider themselves middle class, according to the Taoiseach, and those on minimum wage 'very much are the people.'

Vincent Browne also described the concept of those on minimum wage being middle class as a 'fantasy.' 

The comments caused anger on Twitter, as people exclaimed that the Taoiseach doesn't seem to know what life is like on minimum wage. 

There is a major housing crisis in Ireland, and Dublin in particular, right now. 

A number of potential remedies have been considered to relieve the strain on renters and buyers, and a vacant property tax is one of them.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar hinted that he is strongly considering implementing such a tax in the hopes of creating more homes from what is already in existence.

'There are a lot of vacant properties in the country, some of those could be renovated and brought into use, some could be purchased.'

 'I think we need to impose penalties on people who leave houses vacant in areas where there’s a very demand for housing, and those houses should be in use,' he told Vincent. 



After RTÉ responded to speculation that there is a major gender pay gap in the national broadcasting service, now Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has weighed in on the controversy.

On Monday, The Sunday Independent revealed that Sharon Ní Bheoláin earns €60,000 – €80,000 less than her male co-anchor Bryan Dobson.

"I believe that I am well remunerated, but, for the record, my pay is still considerably less than that of Bryan’s. I won’t be commenting further," she said at the time. 

And now, Mr Varadkar's senior spokesman told the Irish Independent: "The Taoiseach welcomes RTÉ's decision to conduct a review into pay in the organisation.

"He believes strongly that there should be equal pay for equal work and equal experience.

"The Tánaiste [Frances Fitzgerald], on behalf of the Government, is currently developing proposals which would require employers to conduct a survey of pay levels within their organisation, building on the recently published Women and Girls Strategy," he added.

According to the publication, the most up-to-date figures available from RTÉ shows the average salary to be just below €60,000, but the vast majority of managers and presenters are expected to be on more than this.



The Taoiseach of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, is the new cover man of Time Magazine.

The European edition of the magazine, which will be published in full on July 24, will see Leo grace the front cover, while inside, he talks about his new position as Taoiseach of our country.

The author of interview, Jennifer Duggan, writes: "Varadkar takes up the post of Taoiseach at a time when the Republic of Ireland has emerged from a deep financial crisis and its economy is turning around.

"But he knows that, especially given external threats such as the neighbouring UK's withdrawal from the European Union, continued progress is not guaranteed.

"He brings a straight-talking style to the office."

The interview took place at the beginning of the month, July 7, and he frankly talks about his sexuality, Brexit and Ireland, and Donald Trump.

This will be an interesting read. 



Leo Varadkar and Justin Trudeau broke the internet yesterday with their delightful show of bromance. 

The Prime Minister of Canda touched down in Ireland for a three day visit. 

The Taoiseach and Mr Trudeau sat down in the Dail to discuss international relations. 

Once the business talk was over and done with, the pair were seen showcasing their novelty socks and going for a jog in the stunning setting of Phoenix Park. 

Ireland has been called a 'thirsty nation' by the international press in the wake of the Canadian Prime Minister's visit, and here are a few of the best tweets that could be the reason:


The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has touched down in Dublin.

Justin is starting his official visit to Ireland today, after flying into Dublin Airport last night.

The PM will meet our Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, and President, Michael D. Higgins later today.

Image result for leo varadkar and michael d higgins

98fm report that they will all gather in Farmleigh in the Phoenix Park, where "issues of mutual interest" will be discussed.

He will then take a trip to Áras an Uachtaráin, where Mickey D will hold a special reception for him.

Throughout the day he will make many other visits, including one to the EPIC Ireland Emigration Museum in the Docklands.

Image result for justin trudeau

Tonight, Justin will be Guest of Honour at an official dinner in Dublin Castle, before leaving early tomorrow morning.

Leo Varadkar previously said that Mr Trudeau has been a political role model for many years, and we're sure he's only delighted to meet him today.



The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is set to visit Ireland next week, and we're all jumping for joy.

Our new Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, will host a meeting with Justin and it has been reported that they will discuss trade deals.

Leo has previously spoken about his admiration for Justin, and said in the Dáil today the he will be delighted to welcome Mr Trudeau and his family to Ireland next Tuesday.

In the past, Mr Varadkar said that he is a fan of the Canadian's work and noted that “we have a lot in common as countries."

Justin was the first to create a cabinet with an equal number of men and women in 2015.

Justin has recently been noted on social media as somewhat of a heart throb, however it's his work for his country that he's most commended for.



Newly appointed Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, has announced that an abortion referendum will take place next year.

He said that the Health Minister of Ireland, Simon Harris, will be responsible for bringing forward the legislation which will allow for a referendum on the eight amendment.

This comes after the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled for a second time on Tuesday that Ireland's abortion laws violate women's human rights.

Simon Harris said that a report is being put together by his team at the moment and a formal submission will be made sometime soon.

Finally, a step in the right direction.



Today is the day that Ireland will have a new Taoiseach, after six years under the leadership of Enda Kenny.

Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar is set to take his position as the new Taoiseach this afternoon. 

He'll be nominated by the Dáil this lunchtime and officially assume the position.

He is also set to announce the members of his new cabinet later today.

Yesterday, he addressed the first meeting of the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party since his election as Leader. 

Mr Varadkar confirmed the appointment of Simon Coveney as the Deputy Leader of Fine Gael.

'I am really delighted to appoint Simon Coveney as Deputy Leader of Fine Gael and as a member of the Party’s Executive Council,' he said.

'Simon and I will work together to guide the participation by Fine Gael in the Government, and reform and modernise the Fine Gael Party in the years ahead.'



Today marks Enda Kenny's final day as Taoiseach – a postilion he has held for the last six years.

The outgoing Fine Gael leader will chair his final cabinet meeting this morning where the agenda is likely to be rounded off with a formal resignation from Mr Kenny.

At 2:00pm this afternoon, the Dáil will resume and it is thought that he will tell TDs and the nation that he is stepping down.

It is likely that Enda Kenny will then give a short farewell speech before travelling to Aras an Uachtarán where he will hand in his resignation to President Higgins.

Fellow party leaders will be given an opportunity to speak in reply to Mr Kenny and the Dáil is expected to adjourn until tomorrow afternoon when attentions will turn to the election of his successor and the announcement of Leo Varadkar's new Cabinet.

It is expected that many of the current ministers will remain in place, however, some may change jobs.

So, what's next for Mr Kenny?

Now aged 66, he is not expected to run the the next election, but according to The Irish Independent, one source revealed 'He would like to remain close to the political action,"