Beauty signs that you’re growing up


Growing older means you naturally let go of some aspects of your appearance, mainly because you have better things to be worrying about, plus you have a boyfriend…

You don’t wear make-up
Do you find yourself leaving the house without make-up on more than you used to? Is it more of a hassle to put it on than to not? Do you go out to clubs with the least amount of make-up you can get away with, simply because you couldn’t be bothered?  Eek, sounds like you’re letting your beauty regime slip.

You are constantly hiding your knotted hair
The messy thrown up hairstyle is pretty trendy right now; however, it is not a good look if you are only doing it to simply hide unwashed, knotty hair. Grab a brush and get it together.

Chipped nail polish
You wouldn’t dare walk out of the house with chipped nail polish when you are younger but  things have changed. Sure who has the time, or the money, nowadays to go the beautician? Plus you’re way too lazy to pick up the polish and fix it yourself.