Viewers mesmerised by the ‘best-looking guy’ EVER on Jeremy Kyle


Jeremy Kyle viewers were left reeling yesterday after one particular guest seemed to cause quite a stir, but not in the way you might expect. 

Dubbed the best-looking man to ever appear on the show, Ricky Blay has admitted that his life has changed since his episode of the infamous UK show aired yesterday. 

"To be honest I find that quite surreal, I'm surprised," said the 22-year-old to the Mirror

"I'm not exactly god's gift but of course I don't think I'm ugly. But then again the competition that I'm going up against on Jeremy Kyle isn't exactly that hard is it?

"If people want to find me the sexiest guest on Jeremy Kyle I'm quite happy, they can crack on!" he joked.

Ricky appeared on the show to support his half-brother even though he found the experience a bit embarrassing. 

And it seems that his bro also made headlines yesterday for teaching Jeremy how to do a slut-drop on the show. 

After receiving a barrage of friend requests on Facebook, the attractive lad also revealed that he is in fact single. 

"I'm still single so I'm not tied down. What comes in the future from it, I'm quite happy to welcome anything with open arms."

He has apparently already been back to ITV to record another segment for the show, so keep your eyes peeled for further appearances of the lovely Ricky. 

Watch a clip of Ricky in action below: