Westlife lover ruins her marriage because she’s OBSESSED with them

It's fair to say we all have little obsessions, whether it's with a band, a singer or even just going shopping; everyone has a guilty little pleasure. 

But when that guilty little pleasure comes between your marriage, it should be pretty clear that you've gone too far. 

That's what happened to a woman, Kirsty, who appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show, and after many years, replaced her husband with her obsession for Westlife

The couple even named their children after band members, Shane Filan and Kian Egan. But her husband, Adam, said he's had enough. 

Adam told Jeremy: "I'm tired of being the doormat. I've had enough of Westlie."

He even admitted that his wife was so obsessed with the Irish band that she said she wished Shane Filan was the father of her children. 

"I'm obsessed, I've got an obsession with them," Kirsty said. 

But then Jeremy had a special surprise for the mother-of-two and played her a video message from Shane, who invited her to one of his gigs next year. 

Kirsty then proceeded to go into meltdown mode but made a big error when Jeremy asked her a question.

The host thought that he might have patched things up with the couple – as did everyone else – but when he asked, "Then you're probably going to go back to the hotel and have copious quantities of sex.. You want sex [with your husband], yeah?"

To which Kirsty replied, "Well Shane would be better." *facepalm*