Jeremy Kyle, bless him, has to put up with a whole load of major drama on his famously addictive morning show. 

And today was certainly no different.

In a particularly delightful segment entitled "I didn't sleep with your brother behind your dad's back," a young male guest, Jamie, complains that his glamorous stepmother, Bev, has been unfaithful.

Although Bev insists that she needs a walking stick to help her get around, Jamie's not convinced. In fact, he goes on to claim that she's something of a party animal who regularly performs a particularly sexy dance move – the 'slut drop'.

When a hapless Mr Kyle asks what a 'slut drop,' is (it's OK, Jezza, we didn't know either) his guest happily obliges with a live demonstration. 

Taking to the floor, Jamie widens his stance before squatting down to the ground and then popping back up again – much to the delight of the gathered studio spectators. 

Intrigued, Jeremy decides to give it a go himself – telling his fans that he's "never gone that low before".

The audience goes wild in response to the ITV presenter's resulting moves (we can't say we blame them) – and Twitter predictably reacted with glee too.

One fan stated: "Thought he would rip his trousers doing a slut drop. They were very hugging trousers this morning." Another called the moment "Oscar-worthy".

However, Jeremy mightn't be slut dropping again any time soon: afterwards, the 50-year-old chat show host clutched his back and complained that he thought he'd "pulled a muscle".