Jeremy Kyle has slammed Zayn for dumping Perrie by text

Seriously, we would absolutely LOVE to see Zayn and Perrie have it out on the Jeremy Kyle show!

But besides that, Jeremy had a lot to say about how Zayn broke up with his former fiance in his newspaper column.

Jeremy wrote in The Sun newspaper that it doesn't take a genius to have guessed that their relationship wouldn't last that long but he blasted Zayn for dumping his fiancees over text. 

He says it's not acceptable that he would break Perrie's heart by breaking up with her like that. 

He wrote: "It shows something of the class of both of them that, despite her heartbreak, Perrie was back at work and facing the cameras – while, to cause the heartbreak, Zayn stayed hidden behind a cowardly text."

"Breaking up by text is cheap but this one might just cost Zayn dear – about half of the £3million they just forked out on their little love nest, I reckon."

It is reported that this split is completely out of the blue for Perrie who shared a picture of them together just a few weeks ago.