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Forecasters have asked the public to help them come up with names for storms that are due to hit Ireland sometime in the autumn and forthcoming winter.

Met Éireann, and the UK Met Office, reached out to twitter users to provide them with some suggestions for new names to attach to the storms. As you can imagine, once people got wind of the #nameourstorms hastag, the puns started come in rapidly.

We imagine it could be because some of our storms can be a touch more tranquil than the tropical monsoons we see abroad, but there were plenty of users out there who couldn’t wait to have some fun with the idea.





We have to admit we are looking forward to seeing who made the cute for this one. 



At the first mutterings of an "Indian Summer," Irish people tend to go into overdrive with dreams of what could be.

So of course as soon as we heard that some sun might be headed our way come September, we began getting VERY excited for the possibility of a sun-drenched festival weekend at Electric Picnic.

And with Day 1 of the Stradbally musical festival just three days away, Met Éireann have finally confirmed the good news. We will have sun… Loads of it!

Speaking on Spin 1038 this morning, forecaster Joan Blackburn said that revellers could expect temperatures of around "17 or 18 degrees [Celsius] in the afternoons" over this weekend.

Okay, it's not quite "sun drenched," but 17-18 degrees is the perfect festival temperature… warm enough to channel Vanessa Hudgens in some skimpy festival wear, but mild enough to stay sweat-free.

Don't forget a hoody or two though, as Joan says that mornings and late evenings will still be relatively chilly.

But her overall prediction for the weekend? "Dry and pleasant generally."

That'll do for us, Joan. That'll do for us.



Finally, we've got our summer weather back.

After a full month of lashing rain and wind, it seems we can finally put our winter coats away again… for a few days.

The weather has been slowly picking up all week. and according to Met Éireann we can expect temperatures of 19 to 24 degrees Celsius in many areas today, though the west coast will stay around 18 degrees. Win!

As for the weekend, you had better root out your shorts because we're in for a mild and sunny few days. While temperatures will drop to between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius tomorrow, both Saturday and Sunday are expected to be dry and sunny.

Of course, this is still Ireland so there is a risk of, you guessed it, "scattered showers". Sure what would an Irish barbecue be without the looming threat of a rain shower?

Come next week, the weather will be generally "unsettled", but the mild temperatures are expected to last into Monday.

See you at the beach!



Irish weather isn't always predictable. The majority of the time, the weather forecaster doesn't even know whether it's going to be scorching or snowing. 

But seriously, we REALLY want a bit of summer now, it's gone beyond a joke. We had a few days in June that were extremely promising and got our hopes up for a great summer, but that was short lived. 

We literally couldn't believe our eyes when we woke up this morning and looked out the window to what seems like a morning in December, does this mean we have to wear a jacket? We are not ok with this!

Some people took to Twitter to express their distain and it has resulted in the hashtag #IrishWeather, trending all over the country. 

People are referring to today as Christmas in July, and we certainly agree…

Some people just want July to stop fooling around and come back to us already..  

Others are taking the 'if you ignore it, it will go away' approach..  

But there are still those who are holding out hope.. We're with ya..   



We really love the summer months, especially when we finally get some actual sun shine. It can be absolutely glorious and everybody wants to be on the beach living their best life.

However, sometimes things can go a little downhill. The struggle can get very real, very fast when those temperatures go up and your makeup is just not in the mood to cooperate.

We identified those summer time trials that can sometimes push us to our very limits.

Allergies. Eyeliner and hay fever are not a match made in heaven. 


Humidity + Hair = Tragedy

Sunglasses getting stuck in your hair. Nothing makes us feel more glamorous. 

Waxing, shaving, just hair removal in general. 

Attempting to leave the pool in a dignified manner.

Tan lines. Just put the Crocs away.

Getting dressed in the morning when the sun is shining but then suddenly, bye-bye sun shine. You can't wear floral crop tops in that, you'll freeze!




We tentatively got the barbecue and sun cream out of storage last week as some sunshine began to peek out from behind the clouds, and now it looks as if the sunny weather is here to stay.

After a pretty dreadful May and early June, last week's sunshine kicked off the beginning of the Irish summer with temperatures hitting up to 20C… and this week's forecast promises even more sun.

According to Met Éireann, temperatures as high as 22C could be on the way this week, with "little or no rainfall" in most parts of the country.

Little or no rain? To the beach with us, so…

The south and east of the country will benefit the most from the good weather this week, with temperatures of 18 – 22C expected toward Thursday and Friday.

If you're living in the west or north of Ireland though, you might want to pack an umbrella along with those sunnies as some patches of "rain and drizzle" are expected.

With a whole host of festivals on next weekend including Body and Soul in Co. Westmeath, will the good weather hold out for campers? Yes, it seems, according to current forecasts which promise "a good deal of dry weather."

We are already getting excited for what lies ahead this summer….



After some seriously bleak weather conditions earlier this month, we were all starting to breathe easy again, but of course Mother Nature wasn't going to let little old Ireland off that easily!

Met Eireann have just released another grim weather forecast for this week, announcing that snow, ice and "bitterly cold" conditions can be expected from Wednesday night. We won't put that winter jacket into storage just yet, so.

"It will be windy with frequent wintry showers giving falls of sleet and snow, and accumulations of several centimetres of snow are likely in many areas, particularly in the North and West," said Met Éireann this morning.

Even if your area isn't affected by snowfall, people all over the country are still advised to prepare for low to freezing temperatures, as well as a strong possibility of frost and ice. 

The wintery temperatures are expected to continue next weekend too, with "severe frosts and icy roads by night" and "daytime temperatures 4 to 6 degrees at best."

Just when we thought spring was on the way!



Typically, people like to start the New Year with new resolutions. While going on a detox or becoming a member of your local gym is completely normal, there’s another common resolution that might surprise you.

New research found that January is the prime season for break-ups.

The findings show that more than half of couples who split up this month said the time of year was a deciding factor for their decision.

Other reasons for January break-ups included the depressing Irish weather, family pressures and wanting a fresh start – New Year, new me, right?

From the stats, it’s fair to say that those who wanted a fresh start clearly didn’t waste any time. The study revealed that 48% of people were already in a new relationship before the month was out.

The second most common season for break-ups is December. Thank God that’s ages away – we might have just dodged a bullet there!