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Do you know any especially wildly cranky siblings or grumpy but chilled out friends that you reckon deserve to have a massive winter storm named after them? We can think of a few.

Now is finally your chance to get a storm named in your honour, or as a tribute to a pal or member of your family. You could even get one named after your worst enemy, if that's the mood you're in.

National forecaster Met Eireann have joined forces with the UK Met Office to launch their new 'Call for Storm Names' scheme this winter, and want our help. 

The 'Name our Storms' scheme aims to raise awareness of severe weather before it strikes.

A storm warrants a name when the Met Office or Met Éireann will issue an orange or red weather warning, and you buy all the booze and bread from Tesco and barricade your gaff.

The names are chosen based on the public's submissions every year, and memorable weather events in recent years include Storm Emma, Storm Ali and Storm Ophelia.

Remember when Lidl was raided by a JCB during Storm Emma in Tallaght last year? Mad times, they were.

Storms are named in alphabetical order in the sequence they occur, with each storm alternate between the first letter of a male name and female name, similar to the pattern created by the US National Hurricane Centre in the 1970s.

Storms starting with letters Q, U, X, Y and Z won’t be used, unfortunately. The first storms last year were named Ali and Bronagh, but this winter the first storm will be female. 

Forecasters will avoid names with 'resonance' in the weather world, like 'Katrina' or 'Charlie' and famous/notorious names will be avoided. There'll be no Storm Greg (O'Shea), Storm Boris or Storm Trump. 

Use the hashtag #IrishStormNames on Twitter to send your suggestion, email Met Éireann at stormnames@met.ie or write to Evelyn Cusack, Met Éireann, Glasnevin Hill, Dublin 9.

We deserve a Storm Maura after her explosive entrance into this year's Love Island villa, don't you agree?



Forecasters have asked the public to help them come up with names for storms that are due to hit Ireland sometime in the autumn and forthcoming winter.

Met Éireann, and the UK Met Office, reached out to twitter users to provide them with some suggestions for new names to attach to the storms. As you can imagine, once people got wind of the #nameourstorms hastag, the puns started come in rapidly.

We imagine it could be because some of our storms can be a touch more tranquil than the tropical monsoons we see abroad, but there were plenty of users out there who couldn’t wait to have some fun with the idea.





We have to admit we are looking forward to seeing who made the cute for this one. 


"Cloudy today with outbreaks of rain, heavy in bursts, across Leinster, Connacht and Ulster, with accumulations leading to local spot flooding, especially in Ulster…" that's what Met Eireann has to say about today – after a gloriously sunny Friday got everyone's hopes up for a cracker of a weekend.

And most folk will indeed be right now looking out at rainy, cloudy skies.

Met Eireann has already issued a weather warning, which will stay in effect until 6pm.

And forecaster Pat Clarke has warned us to expect thunder and plenty of downpours: "Friday was pretty warm and was around 22C in some places, but that won't be repeated again over the weekend." 

He added that a spell of very heavy rain has already moved across the Irish Sea from Britain, and has now spread across the country.

"For a lot of the country, it's a fairly wet day," Pat explained, although he did say that "it might pick up in the north-east of the country" this afternoon.