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Irish weather isn't always predictable. The majority of the time, the weather forecaster doesn't even know whether it's going to be scorching or snowing. 

But seriously, we REALLY want a bit of summer now, it's gone beyond a joke. We had a few days in June that were extremely promising and got our hopes up for a great summer, but that was short lived. 

We literally couldn't believe our eyes when we woke up this morning and looked out the window to what seems like a morning in December, does this mean we have to wear a jacket? We are not ok with this!

Some people took to Twitter to express their distain and it has resulted in the hashtag #IrishWeather, trending all over the country. 

People are referring to today as Christmas in July, and we certainly agree…

Some people just want July to stop fooling around and come back to us already..  

Others are taking the 'if you ignore it, it will go away' approach..  

But there are still those who are holding out hope.. We're with ya..   



Met Eireann's Evelyn Cusack has seemingly taken a pop at her colleague Jean Byrne's distinct dress choices.

Jean, who has been both celebrated and ridiculed for her fearless approach to onscreen fashion, likes to wear leather, lace, bright colours, unusual necklines and quirky accessories while presenting the weather forecast to the nation.

Evelyn on the other hand prefers a more conservative approach, usually donning smart skirts and jackets, or blouses with tailored trousers. 

And it seems the latter takes a dim view of more 'out there' attire.

"It's hard to take a woman seriously when you're hearing her leather skirt squeaking and her earrings dangling," she said in an interview with Woman's Way.

She continued: "I'm a bit like Angela Merkel, nobody comments on her clothes, she just has 40 different jackets in different colours.

Evelyn then added: "I don't think women should be sexy at work, that's my opinion."

But while Ms Cusack, 50, may look to German politicians when it comes to choosing her workplace wardrobe, Ms Byrne favours Irish designers such as Joanne Hynes and Claire O'Connor.

She told Irish Country magazine earlier this year: "The camera makes you look bigger anyway, it puts on at least 10lbs and jackets make you look even bigger."

Jean explained that she therefore decided to experiment more with her onscreen style, saying: "It became a little bit more relaxed at one point and then I just decided, 'Okay, I'm a bit tired of the old jackets, I'll wear one or two of my own things'." 

She added: "I don't go out of my way to find new designers but I do go out of my way in my spare time to source things and put them together."