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Have the long-weekend festivities left you feeling drained already? Or are you aching after taking part in the Women’s Mini Marathon? If you’re in dire need of a lazy movie night then we’ve got good news for you. One of the best Irish movies is on TV tonight, so make sure you’re well stocked up on popcorn and wine.

This Irish drama is based on one of Maeve Binchy’s best books and is the perfect Sunday night movie.

TV3 are showing the brilliant Circle Of Friends at 10:05 pm tonight, and you just can’t miss it.

The drama is set in Dublin during the 1950s, where we meet Benny as she starts a new chapter of her life at university, along with her two friends- Nan and Eve.

The movie follows the girls as they try to adapt to their new lives in Dublin after growing up in the small Irish village Knockglen.

We see the trio grapple with their desire for love and their religious upbringings. Benny falls for Jack- the charming rugby player, but her friends aren’t as lucky.

Circle Of Friends stars Colin Firth, Minnie Driver, Saffron Burrows, Geraldine O'Rawe and Chris O'Donnell, with appearances from Aiden Gillen and Alan Cumming.

The heartwarming tale will certainly leave you feeling nostalgic (and no doubt, you'll be cringing at those awful Irish accents.)

Tune into Circle Of Friends on TV3 at 10:05 pm tonight.


Ireland's film and television industry has received a major boost this weekend after it emerged that two Irish films have automatically qualified for Oscar nominations following wins at the Galway Film Fleadh.

Now in its 29th year, the Galway Film Fleadh is a qualifying festival for the Academy Awards and after scooping prizes for Best Animation and Best Short Drama, An Island and Wave are one step closer to the coveted gold statue.

An Island, is an animated film about a solitary man who makes it his mission to conquer an isolated island, while Wave tells the story of a man who wakes from a coma with the ability to speak a fully-formed but unrecognisable language.

An Island 


When it come to short film and animations, Irish production companies have a strong track record at the Oscars.

There were nominations for The Secret of Kells in 2010 and Song of The Sea in 2015, as well as a win for Benjamin Cleary's short film, Stutterer in 2016.

Here's hoping the films get a chance to compete for the top prize.


John Carney's newest offering Sing Street is already generating a huge Irish buzz ahead of its release this week, but it's been making waves on the other side of the pond too.

The film, set in 1980s Dublin and telling the story of an awkward teen (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) who starts his own band to impress a girl (Lucy Boynton), has been doing the international film festival circuit over the last few months – and it happened to catch the eye of one very famous rapper.

After seeing Sing Street over in the US, hip-hop legend Jay-Z was apparently so impressed that he personally made contact with Carney.

"John [Carney] got an email from Jay-Z to say he loved the movie," 16-year-old Walsh-Peelo told the Irish Independent this week.

And it seems Bey's husband wasn't the only musician who was impressed with the film, which features tunes from bands like Duran Duran, The Cure and Spandau Ballet.

"[At the premiere] Sting was sitting next to me… apparently he loved the movie," Walsh-Peelo added.

Sing Street doesn't get its official cinema release here until March 17, but it was the opening film for last month's Jameson Dublin Film Festival, and it received a massive standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah back in January.

"It’s kind of a memoir of my days in school, and a school band back in the Eighties in Dublin," says Carney.

Check out the trailer below:




We know it’s bad to say this, but good indie Irish films are few and far between. So when we heard about Trampoline, which was written and directed by Tom Ryan, and made on a budget of less than €1,000, our hopes weren’t too high.

But then we watched the trailer, and we were sold.

Trampoline tells the story of Angie who returns home to Tipperary once she finishes college, and gets a job as an English teacher in her old secondary school. Things don’t go as smoothly as she planned though (what does?) and she soon finds herself having to make some big life decisions – something we can all relate to.

It won Best Film awards in New York and Canada, and lead actor Aide Spratt also took home a Best Actress award in LA for her portrayal of Angie.

You won’t catch this film in your local cinema, but you CAN stream it from Seed and Spark for €2.99, or pre-order the DVD from trampolinemovie.com.





Starring the lovely Amy Huberman, Sherlock‘s Andrew Scott (that’s right, Moriarty!) and Brian Gleeson, this movie is set for release in March and has the potential to be the Irish film of the year.