You HAVE to check out the trailer for this Irish Indie film

We know it’s bad to say this, but good indie Irish films are few and far between. So when we heard about Trampoline, which was written and directed by Tom Ryan, and made on a budget of less than €1,000, our hopes weren’t too high.

But then we watched the trailer, and we were sold.

Trampoline tells the story of Angie who returns home to Tipperary once she finishes college, and gets a job as an English teacher in her old secondary school. Things don’t go as smoothly as she planned though (what does?) and she soon finds herself having to make some big life decisions – something we can all relate to.

It won Best Film awards in New York and Canada, and lead actor Aide Spratt also took home a Best Actress award in LA for her portrayal of Angie.

You won’t catch this film in your local cinema, but you CAN stream it from Seed and Spark for €2.99, or pre-order the DVD from