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Do you go from wanting to sit back and watch the world burn just before lunch, to wanting to buy everyone you know a tiny puppy and a bunch of freesias once you’ve eaten?

This phenomenon, as we’re sure you know, is called being ‘hangry’. You’re not just hungry, or just angry – oh no, you’re a delightful little cocktail of both.

We all have that one hangry friend in work, the one who can't control her hunger rage, the one we have to supply with emergency snacks, just to talk her down…

1. Just before lunch you turn into (a nastier version) of Regan from The Exorcist

OK, so your head’s not quite spinning around, nor are you shouting expletives (well at least not out loud) but it’s fair to say in that half hour before getting food in your belly you’re a complete wagon.

2. You see someone else eating and your colleagues have to hold you back

How DARE she open that burrito in my presence! Does she not know I’m teetering on the edge here? Guac, she’s eating guac? BUT SHE KNOWS I LOVE GUAC! Wait, how did those deep, animal-like scratch marks get onto my desk?”

3. You’re offered a crisp, so you grab the whole bag and hand them back ONE CRISP

Aren’t you a charmer? And when they politely ask you for their bag of crisps back, you point behind them and say, “Is that Superman?” using the moment they turn around to leg it out the door laughing hysterically.

4. You get sassy – particularly with your email sign off

You really should have had a snack. Because maybe if you had you wouldn’t have replied to one of the company’s most valued clients, “Yours sort of sincerely”.

5. When it’s someone’s birthday YOU blow out their cake candles… just to speed things along

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to… blah blah blah enough of that – time to cut the cake. Yep, I’ll have a nice big slice there thanks. Bigger. A little bigger. BIGGER THAN THAT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!”

Luckily even the hangriest so-and-so can keep this phenomenon at bay with Carr’s Crinklys, the delish new savoury baked cracker crisps from Carr's in Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar and Bacon. A pack of these babies is just the right size to keep you ticking over, but won’t spoil your lunch or dinner – and they’re baked not fried, so are way healthier than normal crisps. We know what we’ll be filling our drawer with for those hangry moments!


While most of us are guilty of getting a bit hangry from time to time, we all have that friend who takes it to the next level.

She’s grumpy, irritated and snappier than a Chandler Bing one-liner – all because she hasn’t eaten for a few hours.

So if you’re wondering why your mate is getting a bit thick with you for no reason, she’s probably just hangry. Check the signs:

1. She’s rolling her eyes at everything you say

No matter what you say, her response is an energetic eye roll. Don’t worry, it’s not you – she just needs a snack.

2. She takes compliments badly

“You look gorgeous today” is met with, “Will you stop, the state of me. I’m like a dog’s dinner,” followed by an angry fold of her arms. Oh, OK.

3. She asks if you have any food ‘on you’

So you search your handbag in the vain hope you can find something to quell the ‘hangriness’. This is where Carr’s Crinklys would come in a treat. These baked snacks are crunchy, tasty and perfect for filling the gap (and preventing your pal from having a hangry meltdown).

4. She makes food-related Freudian slips

So distracted is she, her friend Brenda becomes ‘baguette’, Rory becomes ‘roll’ and Mary is ‘mayo’. “Hey Baguette, I mean Brenda, how are you?” Someone feed that girl, quick!

5. She covets your food

Each bite you take is scrutinised with a hangry glare, until you’re eventually forced to ask if she would like a bite. Of course she accepts.

Thankfully keeping hangriness at bay is easy peasy with Carr’s Crinklys, the new savoury baked snacks from Carr's in Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar and Bacon – and they’re baked, so are WAY healthier than fried crisps. Pop them in your handbag, and you’re good to go. Delish!


Do you ever  have those days when you are so hungry, you could eat everything in the fridge?

When nothing seems to keep you full, or satisfied you can quickly find yourself developing a dreaded 'hangry' tantrum.  It could be because you aren't eating the right types of food during the day.

According to Australian fitness guru Kayla Itsines instead of reaching straight for the junk food to cure your grumbling tummy, we should try these 5 foods that are known to keep you feeling full for longer! 



Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries – any will do the job! They contain belly-filling fibre, are low in calories and they contain phytonutrients that increase fat metabolism. 

Minestrone Soup

The broth fills your stomach with lots of liquid while the vegetables fill your stomach with fibre which slows digestion so you won't feel hungry straight after. If you can find or make one with beans in it – even better! Kayla notes to stay away from the soups with white pasta in them as refined carbs spike your blood sugar levels up and leave you wanting more.


Eggs are packed with protein, which will keep you satisfied and help avoid binging. Eating two eggs for breakfast can help keep you full for a good portion of the day. Hard-boiling eggs in advance are also great for snacking on later during the day. 


Now, most people either love or absolutely HATE olives. However, they are a source of good-for-you unsaturated fat, meaning they will take longer to digest and leave you feeling fuller for longer. You can add a couple of teaspoons of chopped olives to salads and sandwiches at lunch to kiss afternoon hunger pains goodbye.


Research has shown that people who consume spinach during a meal feel much more satisfied than those who don’t. This might be because spinach is a veggie that helps to fill the stomach. You can add spinach to almost anything and you can enjoy it fresh or wilted. 


Lunchtime has become awful fancy in recent times: and a victim of all these 'notions' is certainly the humble sandwich. 

With bread fast falling out of fashion, it's little surprise that luncheon wares have become more of the sushi/soup/salad/spiralized veg variety.

Pish-posh to all that, we say! We love our sambos – though we'd like to think our taste-buds can on occasion be more sophisticated than a hang and cheese sanger.

Enter the 'artisan' variety: think almond butter, hummus and LOTS of avocado.

Inspired by the tempting BuzzFeed.com/Food, here SHEmazing! brings you 12 of the best, most delicious daytime concoctions to satisfy even the most demanding of rumbling tums…


1) The green goddess:


2) Chicken gyros with tzatziki


3) Loaded Med veggie:


4) Smashed white bean and avocado:


5) Four-layer vegan:


6) Spicy carrot and hummus:


7) Chickpea sunflower sandwich:


8) Peanut butter and basil


9) Chicken soft tacos:


10) Roasted red pepper, feta, and hummus:


11) Crispy tofu with sweet potato:


12) Greek yoghurt with chicken salad:



OK, we’ve definitely all been there: the only thing barer than your cupboards is your account balance. And trying to clobber together a decent feed from vegetable stock, kidney beans and two sad-looking onions is never enjoyable – even for the most inventive of amateur chefs.

Thankfully, for most that’s an occasional – hungry – storm to weather; but for others on low-incomes or for those reliant of social welfare payments, getting to the end of the week and doing without regular meals can be an all-too familiar occurrence.

I remember 20 years ago not eating so my daughter would eat. I remember nights when there was literally no money,” JK Rowling, the author of the global-phenomenon Harry Potter books, has revealed. “There’d been nights when I had one Rich Tea biscuit and that was dinner.”

The 49-year-old author, now worth €900m, added in the same interview in 2013: “If you are very, very poor and pregnant there is nothing in the world more vulnerable-making and anxiety-inducing: you are prepared to starve yourself. To think of money running out with your child not being able to eat is terrifying.”

And now one study has confirmed that 22 per cent of adults worry about the amount of money they have to spend on food. Worse still, a third of families with younger children worry about the same issue.

Compiled by Kellogg’s, the Is The Food Divide Getting Bigger? report highlights that despite signs of an economic recovery, those on a lower income are still struggling.

“Many people have suffered income losses and quite simply do not have as much money to spend on food or anything else for that matter,” highlighted economist Jim Power, also a contributor to the study.

“Those on fixed and low incomes have been most badly affected.” 

“Acknowledging and addressing the food divide now could create a buffer against the legacy of food poverty in our communities,” Kellogg’s also warned.

In 2015, Kellogg’s will be donating 2million servings of cereal to children and families in Ireland via partnerships with Barnardos and Crosscare. The company furthermore supports more than 120 breakfast clubs across the country.




If you are still feeling hungry, even after a eating your body may actually be craving something more than food.

You’re dehydrated
Sometimes, when your body feels like it’s hungry it could actually be thirsty. Symptoms of dehydration are the same as the symptoms of hunger – lethargic, sleepy and an empty feeling in your tummy.

Not eating the right foods
If you are eating empty calories it is not surprising your body is feeling hungry. Make sure you eat food that

Skipping brekkie
If you are skipping on the most important meal of the day it’s time to stop. If you don’t eat something when you get up your blood sugar level rises and you crave food.

You’re bored
When you are bored you can find yourself feeling hungry simply because you have nothing else to do besides eat. Try to amuse yourself without food.

You’re tired
You’re hunger could be down to the fact that you are tired.  Go to bed earlier tonight and avoid eating because you are tired.

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