5 reasons you are hungry


If you are still feeling hungry, even after a eating your body may actually be craving something more than food.

You’re dehydrated
Sometimes, when your body feels like it’s hungry it could actually be thirsty. Symptoms of dehydration are the same as the symptoms of hunger – lethargic, sleepy and an empty feeling in your tummy.

Not eating the right foods
If you are eating empty calories it is not surprising your body is feeling hungry. Make sure you eat food that

Skipping brekkie
If you are skipping on the most important meal of the day it’s time to stop. If you don’t eat something when you get up your blood sugar level rises and you crave food.

You’re bored
When you are bored you can find yourself feeling hungry simply because you have nothing else to do besides eat. Try to amuse yourself without food.

You’re tired
You’re hunger could be down to the fact that you are tired.  Go to bed earlier tonight and avoid eating because you are tired.