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Sarah Hyland has left social media following the bullying she experienced online in the aftermath of her cousin's tragic death.

Her 14-year-old relative lost her life in a heart-breaking car accident over the weekend.

The actress uploaded a Go Fund Me page to her Twitter, stating that a man named Jeffrey Eggerling was the driver who hit her uncle's car, and he tried to run from the scene.

"Jeffrey Eggerling is a murderer. May he rot in hell."

She also asked if her fans could donate to the page to help pay for funeral expenses of her 14-year-old cousin, which backfired.

The backlash came when Twitter users angrily stated that she could afford to pay for the funeral from her own salary, and that there was no need to ask others to contribute.

In a series of tweets, the Modern Family star explained the sense of grief and pain which her cousin's death brought, which was exacerbated by online trolls;

She continued; saying "your horrible negative ignorant words have broken me. Happy? Staying offline for a while."

She presumably has contractual obligations to promote her TV show, so the exception to her social media hiatus is for this purpose only.

Some Twitter users declared that because her net worth is roughly $9 million, she should pay for the funeral herself rather than asking her fans for money which they may not have;

Others claimed that we don't actually know what her assets are, and presumably she has already contributed to the funeral costs, which is no one's business.

Many fans rallied behind her during this tough time, and we agree that when someone is mourning a great loss, attacking their net worth is just a low blow.

We hope she can get through this difficult period in her life, and offer condolences for her cousin's death. 



Hozier came back with a bang this month after he released a track for the upcoming film, The Legend of Tarzan.

Entitled, Better Love, everyone (including his fans) thought that this was his comeback song – the track that would welcome him back into the music industry after taking some time off.

But as it turns out, the singer is flying right back under the radar.

"I'm going to take some time off so this is the last thing I'm going to be putting my name to for a little while," he told RTÉ TEN.

"I'm going to disappear for a while and work on the next album.

"In a similar way how I worked the first time round, go to a very quiet space and just see how the demos take shape," he added.

Even though we'll miss him in the charts, we're looking forward to a brand new music from the Irishman.



If you love One Direction, then look away now because your dreams of them will forever be ruined.

The latest reports are suggesting that it may be well over a year until we see the lads back together again.

The boyband announced last August that they're going to take some time to work on solo projects and will be back together within 12 months – but fans might have to wait a lot longer than that.

A source told The Sun: "One Direction are not coming together in a year or even two… the boys are not even on track to mention a comeback. All four are loving their own solo freedom."

There have been further reports suggesting that bandmates Louis and Harry aren't even on speaking terms at the moment, but we don't want to even think about that.

Niall Horan seems to be having a blast while on the break though, even playing in this year's Irish Open



One Direction fans, and more specifically, Harry Styles fans seem to be obsessed with his ever growing hair. And while we're cool with him growing it to whatever length he fancies, we're not so fond of the little mustache he's sporting at the moment.

The singer is spending the band's hiatus chilling with friends and keeping a low profile, but while he was out at the weekend, fans noticed a slight difference.

The hair on his upper lip is super light and maybe he just wasn't bothered shaving for a few days but we're hoping and praying this isn't a permanent thing.

Come on Harry, don't hide that baby face we've grown to love. 



As the band are making the most of their hiatus, it seems that Louis and Niall still have time for each other.

They lads were out partying over the weekend, and looking at the snap Louis posted, it seemed like a lot of fun.

The Mullingar man and the new daddy were clearly in high spirits as they danced with friends, later admitted that the missed each other.

Louis shared a photo on Instagram and captioned it, "Good night! Missed you Nialler lad!"

This comes just after Simon spilled the beans on the groups solo projects, saying the he's "absolutely sure" the boys will each do a solo track.

He told E! News there would be "many more solo projects from the boys" and we'll be hearing "lots of announcements" of their projects in the next few months.

“I mean, lots of things are going to be announced over the next few months, but they were, are, the nicest people, you know, to work with.

“Hard-working, appreciate everything, so it won’t be the end.”


He broke many hearts when he decided to leave One Direction, but now Zayn Malik has opened up about what he really thought of the five-piece band. 

The 23-year-old spoke quite candidly to Zane Lowe for Apple Music's Beats 1Radio, saying he "never wanted to be in the band."

Leaving fans hopeless, Mr Malik continued on to reveal that he knew it wasn't the right place for him after just "one year."

He told Zane: "I just gave it a go because it was there at the time. I think I kinda always wanted to go. From the first year, I never really wanted to be there in the band.

"When I realised the direction that we were going in, mind the pun, with the music, I instantly realised it wasn't for me. How do you write a song from five people's perspective?"

He went on to say that the music they were making didn't suit him at all, and even though Harry, Laim, Louis and Niall knew this, they didn't want him to go. 

"I think the boys knew that in terms of the music, that wasn't my cup of tea. When I was leaving the band, they didn't want me to leave. But I'd already made up my mind at that point."

Zayn's first solo single, Pillowtalk, is debuting this Friday which will see an interesting shift in pattern since the 1D lads have began their hiatus. 


During the week there were reports that One Direction's hiatus was going to last a little bit longer than expected… As in, it would last forever.

And of course, the Internet went into a complete frenzie.

But, fear not, because Liam Payne has cleared up any rumours going around, and also released a snippet from his new song. All in a day's work, heh?

While being papped by TMZ photographers, Liam made it clear that they will get back together, uttering "no, no, no, no, no," when asked if the hiatus is actually a break-up.

Then later, went on to share this to fans:


Little Song I wrote for fun yesterday

A video posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on

We're liking the road your going down, Liam!


One Direction have said goodbye (FOR NOW) to their boyband days, and while their hiatus has officially begun, many fans are not feeling optimistic. 

But fear not! Because here are five other bands that survived their hiatus and came back as kickass as ever: 

1. No Doubt

Believe it or not, No Doubt formed in California, way back in 1986 and are somehow still going strong today. They have had decades of success, but that doesn't mean they didn't have their bad times. 

In 2004, the band took a break so Gwen could release her own album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. They bounced back together in 2008, and then announced their second hiatus in 2013. And yet, nearly 30 years later (!!!) No Doubt are touring together again. 


2. Backstreet Boys

Sadly, most of the early 2000s boybands are a thing of the past (NYSYNC, you'll always be in our hearts), but the Backstreet Boys just keep on coming back for more. 

The guys have taken several hiatuses over the years but are currently working on their ninth studio album. 


3. Fall Out Boy

Pete and they boys took their hiatus back in 2009 and then came back together in 2013 to release Save Rock And Roll, their fifth studio album. 

And they haven't stopped since then, with many of their songs featuring big pop artists like Demi Lovato and Avril Lavigne. 


4. Blink 182

All the pop-punk fans out there will know Blink 182 have had many ups and downs. In 2005, Tom DeLonge decided he was finished with the band and their label issued a statement announcing Blink's "indefinite hiatus."

Then in 2009, the band came back together again for a reunion tour and in 2011, released a full-length album called Neighbourhoods. But in 2015, Tom decided he was done again. 


5. Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl might not let a broken leg get in the way, but any Foo Fighter fans will know the group have had their fair amount of breaks back in the day. 

And as it turns out, after the band released their free EP, Saint Cecilia, in November, they officially took on a hiatus. But we're sure they'll be back soon.