As Louis and Niall REUNITE, Simon spills all the details on solo projects


As the band are making the most of their hiatus, it seems that Louis and Niall still have time for each other.

They lads were out partying over the weekend, and looking at the snap Louis posted, it seemed like a lot of fun.

The Mullingar man and the new daddy were clearly in high spirits as they danced with friends, later admitted that the missed each other.

Louis shared a photo on Instagram and captioned it, "Good night! Missed you Nialler lad!"

This comes just after Simon spilled the beans on the groups solo projects, saying the he's "absolutely sure" the boys will each do a solo track.

He told E! News there would be "many more solo projects from the boys" and we'll be hearing "lots of announcements" of their projects in the next few months.

“I mean, lots of things are going to be announced over the next few months, but they were, are, the nicest people, you know, to work with.

“Hard-working, appreciate everything, so it won’t be the end.”