Bride SAVES life of stranger while still wearing her WEDDING dress


Just because it’s your wedding day, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed time off – at least that’s what Pennsylvanian nurse Julie Stroyne learned on her big day.

According to People, the 24-year-old trauma nurse was outside her reception venue just hours after walking down the aisle when she came across an unconscious woman.

Julie immediately leapt into action and began performing CPR on the woman – all the while wearing her wedding dress – until the paramedics arrived.

The bride told ABC: “To be honest I don’t remember running. I just threw my purse and my flowers and just went into action.”

“[Her pulse] got stronger as I kept feeling for it which was a good sign. Her respirations were very shallow but I think the action of me giving compressions kind of woke her up.”

“All I have to say is, thank goodness I had one champagne with the toast and that’s it.”

“I didn’t drink at all. Thank goodness I was able to help.”

Julie’s mother told People that she wasn't surprised by her daughter's actions and said "she picked the right calling".

The newlyweds are now holidaying in the UK before completing their honeymoon with a trip to Greece.

After all that, we think their break very well deserved.

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