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Stephanie Pratt has torn into her brother Spencer and sister-in-law Heidi.

Ahead of their reunion on screen in The Hills reboot, the 32-year-old has laid out how she feels about the pair.

The former Made In Chelsea star opened up on her iHeartRadio Pratt Cast podcast with Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adam.

She said, '' We are not on good terms. We are not on speaking terms. I do not consider them my family.''


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She claimed that she had clashed with Heidi on the set of the reboot, titled New Beginnings, which is set to air in June.

She said, ''We had our photo shoots for press and for the opening titles. We had three days of it that went to like 3 a.m. – they were long shoots. And Heidi had a bottle of champagne that she gave all the girls except for me.''

She continued, ''Before The Hills: New Beginnings, my mom, my brother and I all sat down and we said we will not let this ruin our family again. I’m done. I don’t care. I’m not protecting them anymore.''

She added, ''I’m also not going to pretend that Spencer and Heidi are good people like I was doing for most of the series for my parents…For the s*** they have done to me recently, I’m done. This is why I moved to London. I’m done. I cannot live near them. They are the most toxic people I’ve ever met.''


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But that wasn't all (yeah, she was FUMING).

She raged, ''I’m done. I’m done. I’m confident and secure enough in myself to not pussyfoot around them. I’m done. I’m going to expose them for who they are.''


Spencer and Heidi have an 18-month-old nephew Gunner, who  is getting caught in the crossfire.

Stephanie said, ''Heidi doesn’t want Spencer to have a relationship with anyone but her. And you know what? That’s fine. I don’t want a relationship with Spencer anymore. Gunner, I will miss the fact that I’m going to miss out on the cutest, cutest, cutest little boy’s early years but it’s not worth it.''

She added, ''This is me actually exiting my family. I’ve tried to be nice to her for 10 years because I love my brother. It never changes. They flip the switch on me and I have no idea…None of it makes sense.''

Holy sh*t – catch all the drama when The Hills: New Beginnings hits the TV on June 24. 


Less than two weeks after the birth of their first child, Gunner Stone, Heidi and Spencer Pratt have revealed the first picture of their newborn son.

The happy family made their debut appearance on the front cover of US weekly, declaring Gunner a 'miracle baby' after the couple waited 10 years to become parents.


Family portrai Ready for our son! #9monthspregnant

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The feature also includes details of Heidi's dramatic labour as well as photos from inside the luxury nursery.

Heidi shared the cover on her Instagram today saying: “Miracle baby! Welcome to the world my angel @gunnerpratt !”


Miracle baby! Welcome to the world my angel @gunnerpratt !

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(And yes, he already has his own Instagram account).

The post has been like over 30,000 times and little Gunner already boasts over 15,000 followers.

Welcome to the world baby Speidi!



With half of Hollywood consumed by the latest instalment in the Kardashian/Swift feud, it was only a matter of time before reality star couple, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, decided to grab a little air-time by weighing in on the discussion.

No stranger to high-profile spats, the couple, who made a name for themselves on MTV's The Hills, offered an analysis of that now infamous phone call, and suggested that Taylor may have felt backed into a corner by the Life of Pablo star.

"I think she played it a little too cool, she was too nice," opined Heidi. "Even if there was more of that phone conversation, it doesn't matter. She wasn't clearly communicating one point."

While Taylor was undoubtedly cool with the lyric which suggests she and Kanye may still hook up but outraged by the use of the word 'b*tch', Heidi admitted she didn't understand Tay's take on that one.

Referring to the line about having sex with Taylor, Heidi said: "That would have disturbed me. Who cares about the B-word? I don't owe you anything."

According to Cosmopolitan, Spencer thinks the leaked footage gave an insight into the real T-Swizzle as opposed to the media-trained Grammy Award-winner we're all used to.

"This is the most I've heard Taylor maybe be the real Taylor, where she's talking about being on the red carpet, how she's gonna talk to the media, spinning her pitch… I think Taylor should've been on the cover of Forbes," he said.

Expressing concern for Taylor's new bae, Spencer suggest that the British star wasn't ready for the unstoppable machine that is the Kardashian dynasty.

"He signed up just to take out Calvin Harris. I don't think he was ready to go against Kim, Kanye, and Khloé Kardashian."

Hmmm, we might be with him on that one…


From 2006 to 2010, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag seemed determined to take over Hollywood.

After their stint on The Hills however, things seemed to fizzle out for the couple.

They did brave the jungle for some interesting I’m A Celeb moments. However, it doesn’t seem like they were inundated with job offers following that particular show.

If you were wondering what the pair may have been up to, or what exactly happened that derailed their rise to superstardom, then have no fear because one fan has made the ultimate documentary.

22-year old Will Rebein is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology (yes, the same place Lauren Conrad studied) and told Bustle he put the documentary together in two weeks.

He’s been a fan since he was 15, and he got quite artsy and dark while creating the doc apparently.

He explained that influences included the Paris Hilton documentary Paris, Not France and Nip/Tuck. He also made a similar film, I’m Not Crazy about Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes.

Paper magazine tweeted about the doc and also referred to Spencer as a ‘D-list’ star. While some celebs would take offence, Spencer didn’t seem that bothered:

This seemed quite surprising considering at one point Spencer was determined to take the world by storm. 

He was however upset that Will never asked for a sit-down interview. He felt that there were some crucial plot points that were under-developed without his first hand commentary:

Will seems to have paid particular attention to Heidi's transformation while her husband attempted to manipulate the media in any way he could. He told Broadly

"Watching all the clips again, I truly realised how much Heidi had changed and had a realisation that people only paid attention to her physical change and not the emotional changes or abuse she went through."



We can’t imagine the ranting that must be going on in Heidi and Spencer Pratt’s house today.

It has been revealed that an ad campaign that Heidi starred in has been axed due to phenomenal backlash from the public.

Heidi signed up to star in a TV campaign for Sealord, a New Zealand-based seafood company, and was featured in a rather cringe 30-second advertisement.

No sooner was the ad aired however, before viewers and customers alike took to social media to condemn the brand for featuring the former star of The Hills.

While most were merely unimpressed by Heidi’s performance in the cheesy ad, others were plain furious that the company would pay the megabucks to land the contract with Heidi.

Not only was the ad and Heidi’s performance labelled as “awkward” by Twitter users, the company came in for harsh criticism for their “low standards”. Ouch.

The colourful (aka hate-filled) feedback was so bad that Sealord decided to axe the campaign entirely, releasing a statement that read: “We heard you NZ! You told us that you loved our REAL fish but not Heidi Montag. So, we listened and changed our TV Ad to star only REAL people.”

Somewhere out there, Spencer is having one massive freak-out.

Check out the original ad below.