‘Who cares about the B-word?’ Speidi weigh in on Kim and Taylor


With half of Hollywood consumed by the latest instalment in the Kardashian/Swift feud, it was only a matter of time before reality star couple, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, decided to grab a little air-time by weighing in on the discussion.

No stranger to high-profile spats, the couple, who made a name for themselves on MTV's The Hills, offered an analysis of that now infamous phone call, and suggested that Taylor may have felt backed into a corner by the Life of Pablo star.

"I think she played it a little too cool, she was too nice," opined Heidi. "Even if there was more of that phone conversation, it doesn't matter. She wasn't clearly communicating one point."

While Taylor was undoubtedly cool with the lyric which suggests she and Kanye may still hook up but outraged by the use of the word 'b*tch', Heidi admitted she didn't understand Tay's take on that one.

Referring to the line about having sex with Taylor, Heidi said: "That would have disturbed me. Who cares about the B-word? I don't owe you anything."

According to Cosmopolitan, Spencer thinks the leaked footage gave an insight into the real T-Swizzle as opposed to the media-trained Grammy Award-winner we're all used to.

"This is the most I've heard Taylor maybe be the real Taylor, where she's talking about being on the red carpet, how she's gonna talk to the media, spinning her pitch… I think Taylor should've been on the cover of Forbes," he said.

Expressing concern for Taylor's new bae, Spencer suggest that the British star wasn't ready for the unstoppable machine that is the Kardashian dynasty.

"He signed up just to take out Calvin Harris. I don't think he was ready to go against Kim, Kanye, and Khloé Kardashian."

Hmmm, we might be with him on that one…