Star gets axed from TV campaign after public backlash


We can’t imagine the ranting that must be going on in Heidi and Spencer Pratt’s house today.

It has been revealed that an ad campaign that Heidi starred in has been axed due to phenomenal backlash from the public.

Heidi signed up to star in a TV campaign for Sealord, a New Zealand-based seafood company, and was featured in a rather cringe 30-second advertisement.

No sooner was the ad aired however, before viewers and customers alike took to social media to condemn the brand for featuring the former star of The Hills.

While most were merely unimpressed by Heidi’s performance in the cheesy ad, others were plain furious that the company would pay the megabucks to land the contract with Heidi.

Not only was the ad and Heidi’s performance labelled as “awkward” by Twitter users, the company came in for harsh criticism for their “low standards”. Ouch.

The colourful (aka hate-filled) feedback was so bad that Sealord decided to axe the campaign entirely, releasing a statement that read: “We heard you NZ! You told us that you loved our REAL fish but not Heidi Montag. So, we listened and changed our TV Ad to star only REAL people.”

Somewhere out there, Spencer is having one massive freak-out.

Check out the original ad below.