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Whether you're having a few glasses at the end of a busy week, or poppin' bottles at your work Christmas party, it's safe to say we're not opposed to the wonderfulness that is a glass of vino.

But one thing that is not so wonderful is the downright AWFUL headache that creeps up on us the next day.

Well, a wine chemist (yep, that's an actual job) told the Chicago Tribune that there are ways to avoid a wine-over.

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Despite popular opinion, sulfites are not to blame – they can occur naturally in the wine during fermentation or are added solely to preserve the wine – but instead, tyramine and tannins are the peeps that are up to no good.

And what the Hell are those, you ask? Tyramine is an amino acid that affects your blood pressure and tannins are what make wine dry or 'bitter'.

If your body has trouble breaking down tyramine, it can cause a banging headache. And what's more, tyramine is also found in cheese – so, we bet that cheese and wine night isn't such a good idea after all, huh?

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And as for tannins, these are related to opening your blood vessels, which is the first step your body takes on when a headache is brewing.

But, fear not. There's some easy solutions to our vino problems.

According to Dr Seymour Diamond of the National Headache Foundation, drinking a cup of strong coffee before pouring yourself a glass of wine can help. Caffeine restricts blood vessels, which stops them from opening and subsequently can stop a headache.

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Sticking to white wine or lighter reds can also be of benefit as lighter-bodied wines have lower tannin levels.

And last but not least, HYDRATE. Drink water before, during and after you drink wine to make the morning after a little more bearable.


While we get that Khloe is loving her super fit and healthy lifestyle, we're not buying her latest "natural" hangover cure.

We'd rather get stuck into a spice bag and a Coke, but Khloe recommends a much more calorie chaste alternative.

"I’m no stranger to living it up on a night out and then enduring a rough morning," the star admitted on her website


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The star's fail safe remedy involves some GOOP-worthy yoga and herbal tea. 

"If the thought of yoga isn’t vomit-inducing, then try doing child’s pose. The position is said to stimulate the circulation of lymph, a fluid in your body that helps remove toxins, AKA all that alcohol you drank last night," advises the fitness fanatic. 

Rather than that breakfast tea with two sugars, Khloe recommends a concoction of hot water, coconut and lemon, as well as ginger and mint tea.


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We'd be proud if we managed to emerge from under the duvet covers, never mind do some yoga and brew some Instagramable ginger tea.

In some more relatable advice, Khloe sings the praises of replacing lost nutrients through the pursuit of carby bagels and bananas. 

We'd still prefer a three-in-one but we could live with a hungover bagel. 


Ever wake up from the night before with a bit of a sore head and think never again?  Yeah, us too.

But thankfully hangovers could soon be a thing of the past due to a brand new gadget which tells you when to stop drinking before you reach a hangover-earning state.

The new Bactrack Skyn wristband measures the amount of ethanol coming from your skin using an electrochemical sensor in a non-invasive way and sends an alert to your smartphone when that level has reached a certain point.

The world's first wearable alcohol monitor not only collects data about the levels of alcohol in the blood but also stores and interprets that information before sending it to a smartphone which will alert the wearer of the band’s findings.

The owner’s phone can be set to buzz when their blood alcohol content is approaching a figure like 0.04% to warn them to slow down.

According to Bactrack Skyn's website, the device could also be used by the family members of alcoholics as a warning that sobriety has been broken.

Because the wristband measures blood alcohol levels continuously in real time, it can tell you when you’ve had enough to drink before you even realise you have.

Bactrack Skyn was recently awarded $200,000 from the National Institute of Health in the US and will be available for purchase later this year.


Sunday can be the best day of the week, but depending on how your Saturday night went, it can also be the worst.

And, if you're dying from a hangover today, there is probably only one thing on your mind. FOOD. 

And we're talking about the ultimate hangover food, Chinese. #nomnomnom.

So, to satisfy your hangry craving, there is a wonderful new emoji to delight the world:

Proposals for Chinese take-away boxes, chopsticks, dumplings and fortune cookie emjoi have been made to Unicode, and we're hoping they will all appear in the next emoji update.

Now, hopefully in the future all we have to do is send a text with the Chinese box emoji and we'll be delivered glorious, hangover, Chinese food.


We might have overdone it a bit over Christmas, drinking all the prosecco and all the mulled wine, but this little beauty of a smoothie will get you right back on track.

Filled with everything you need to cure a hangover, it's perfect for getting you back on track before work starts again.

Delish has an easy video to follow so you can whip this up in no time!


When you wake up on Sunday morning with a raging hangover, you'd probably shell out half your pay cheque for a fast-track cure. But next time you're planning a big night, the hangover solution could be sitting in your kitchen.

Hangover cures come and go (with many of them rarely working), but scientists in Australia may have found the cure… pear juice.

The research found that consuming pear juice, or one whole pear, before a night on the tiles can dramatically reduce hangover symptoms, in particular memory loss (bye-bye blackouts) and trouble with concentration. People who drink pear juice before consuming alcohol also experience less sensitivity to bright light and loud sounds. 

The new study was only tested on Asian pears which are commonly used in the Far East and known as the best cure for a night out in those parts. Researchers want to widen their search though and see if the same results can be achieved with Western pears. But fear not, because most Irish supermarkets do stock Asian pears too. PHEW.

Manny Noakes, research director at CSIRO and leader of the new findings said the wonder cure was all down to a decrease in a toxic chemical thought to be behind those dire hangover symptoms. "Reductions were seen in blood acetaldehyde levels, the toxic metabolic thought to be responsible for hangover symptoms, with pear juice consumption," Mr. Noakes revealed in a statement.

"Overall hangover severity was significantly reduced in the pear group compared to having a placebo drink," he continued. However before you go running to the fruitmonger next time you wake up hungover, it's worth noting that pear juice ONLY has a chance of working if you consume it before alcohol… and be sure you drink at least 220ml in order to gain the full effect.

We just hope this one works!


The happy drunk, the sloppy drunk, the what-in-God's-name-is-going-on-with-you drunk… it's safe to say we're all guilty of acting a little differently when we're under the influence.

Next time you're down the pub, you can conduct a little social experiment,as per the research carried out by scientists at a US university. Keen to discover exactly how our personalities change after a few too many G&Ts, researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have categorised drinkers into four distinct categories.

Just like deciding if you're a Carrie or a Samantha, you can now figure out if you're a 'Hemingway' (good) or a 'Hyde' (not so good). The findings were based mainly on how participants' levels of "conscientiousness" (being reliable, organised and prompt) and "intellect" (understanding, being imaginative, knowing what was going on) changed as they got drunk.

Here are the findings – we'll be printing these out for our next cocktail night…

Hemingway a.k.a The "Are you even drunk?" drinker
The 'Hemingways' of this world can hold their drink well and change only slightly when under the influence. The name was inspired by Ernest Hemingway who said he could "drink hells any amount of whiskey without getting drunk."

Mary Poppins a.k.a The "I'm gonna go tell that guy he's GORGEOUS" drinker
Researchers said that this group remained sociable, agreeable and fairly together after a few drinks, though they did display higher levels of confidence, as well as getting louder. We all know a few Marys.

Nutty Professor a.k.a The "I AM BEYONCÉ" drinker
Nutty Professors became far more sociable and confident when drinking that they were in everyday life. To summarise, they're the most likely to be found on the dancefloor surrounded by the gang of new friends they just made while ordering Jagerbombs at the bar.

Hyde a.k.a The "Know the one that's one too many" drinker
The fact that this group were named for Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde should give you an idea of the kind of drinkers we're talking about. Hydes become more disagreeable when they drink and also display lower levels of conscientiousness and intellect. They are the most likely to "incur harm" from their drinking due to hostile behaviour, blackouts or even being arrested.



Whether we are still students, or just remembering the good days – we all know how awful it is to have a hangover in a lecture. You could have just slept in, so the hardest part is actually over. 

That doesn't make the rest of the lecture any easier though…

Here's the cycle of sitting in a lecture, hungover:

1. I’m Way Too Drunk For This

No no, it's been like six hours, you're definitely grrrand you think as you take the short walk into college. 

2. Don’t Sit Close To Anyone

You can’t help but despise everyone surrounding you. Why are they so loud? And in the way? All you want is to find a nice corner where you can reside, undisturbed. This may be the fear. 

3. The Smell Of Drink Off Me

You slowly start to realise that you smell like nail varnish remover. You turn your own stomach and begin getting paranoid about those around you. 

4. It’s So Hot In Here

File:Dan ripping shirt off.gif

Too many people make it really, really warm… gonna puke. 

5. Ok, Ok, Focus

Time might just fly by if you pay attention. This lecture might distract you from the constant waves of nausea.

6. Don’t Make Eye Contact With The Lecturer

Head down, take notes. They'll never know (they ALWAYS know). 

7. Ok, Just Write The Date On The Page

Concentration, concentration…

8. That Projector Is WAAAAAAY Too Bright

The world hates you. You hate you. Why did you come here?

9. Uggggggh Why Am I Here?


10. So. Hungry. 

Hot chicken roll is only minutes away – hang on. 


There was Rock The Boat and then..NO NO NO!

12. “That concludes today’s lecture…”

Run. Run as fast as you can. 

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An Irish man named Marty, who is living in the UK, went on a session to end all sessions (by the sounds of things anyway!). When he woke up the next morning without any memory of what happened, he had this message on his phone:

We don’t know what the best thing about this text is. Could it be the fact that Marty was so hung over that he saved the number as ‘Nice Ploice Man’? Is it the fact that his battery is nearly dead – which is always a sure sign that you were VERY drunk and VERY active on your phone the night before (oh no!), or is it that he asked them not to send him back to Ireland (what's so bad about Ireland?!)?

We can’t choose – but we do wish that every police man was a nice as this guy. The world would be a better place!



Going to work with a hangover is one of life's punishments for having so much damn fun. However, we know exactly how to outsmart that pesky headache: 

1. Have A Shower
Showers always make you feel better, but on days when you’ve been out drinking the night before, they have the added benefit of getting rid of the smell of alcohol from your skin. This is assuming you get up in time to have a shower before you leave, which we understand is an incredibly difficult task to accomplish during a hangover.


2. Eat Some Breakfast
Hard and all as it might be to stomach food at this hour, try and get something into you, even if it’s just half a granola bar or something. You’ll need fuel for the day and this will help get you to lunch.


3. Brush Your Teeth
Similar to the shower, it gets rid of that disgusting aftertaste of whatever you were drinking last night. People you talk to throughout the day will also thank you.


4. Drink Loads Of Water
When you drink alcohol, your body gets really dehydrated, and your brain actually shrinks as a result. Then the next day, headaches result from your brain going back to its normal size. So the more water you drink, the faster this can happen and the quicker the headaches will go away. How quickly depends entirely on just how much you had to drink the night before.



5. Eat Fruit
Fruit has got loads of natural sugars that can provide energy to get you through the day, and they are petty easy on the stomach as well. Bananas are probably the best because they provide potassium which is good if you’ve thrown up, and they also replace these things called electrolytes. Which is also good. Apparently.


6. Tactical Naps In The Toilet Are Key
The lack of sleep means that a nap might be in order, and the bathroom is probably the best place for it. Because you can lock the door, it makes it impossible for your boss or anyone else to walk in on you and catch you out.


7. Keep Your Head Down And Don’t Move Too Quickly
We're talking about keeping your head down as in avoiding your boss, or getting any complicated jobs. We don’t mean to actually keep your head down and rest it on the nearest available surface. If you need a nap, you know where the toilet is.


8. Go For A Walk
Fresh can really clear the head, so if you get the chance on your break or during lunch, get out of the building and just go for a wander. You’re not doing it for exercise so just take it as slow as you need to.


9.  Get A Ridiculously Greasy Lunch
You’ve already eaten the healthy fruit, so you’ve earned the greasy lunch. It’s not quite as satisfying as the take-away you had at 4am last night, but it’s still pretty good.


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It’s been a great weekend – but now you need damage control.

It’s time to treat your purse, and body the way it deserves after the weekend. Here’s how to survive the bank holiday crisis:

1. Plan out your finances
You spent a lot of money this weekend. Plan your meals, hit up Aldi and DO NOT attempt to stop off at the shop for Revels after work.

1253527972_money2. Leave your bank card at home!
You know exactly how much cash you need for college or work. Bring that and just that.

i_dont_understand_bus_lanes_why_do_poor_people_have_to_get_to_places_quicker_than_i_do_by_jeremy_clarkson3. Carry a litre bottle of water with you
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and you’ll be back to your old self in no time!

k4. Fight off the fear!
Be mindful of your actions and you won’t have anything to fear! Simples!

lll2. “Spirits before beer or you’ll be on your ear.”
You’ll remember that next time, won’t you…

gg1. Down a pint of milk
If your weekend STILL isn’t over, drink some milk. ‘Twill do you the world of good.

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The pubs may be closed tonight, but that probably won’t stop you stocking up on the vino and making the most of the long weekend.

If you’re feeling a bit peaky over the weekend, step away from the fry-up and try these healthy hangover cures instead.

1. Eggs
Besides being an easily digested food that’s gentle on your stomach, eggs are packed with protein. Plus thanks to their large amounts of cysteine, eggs help mop up alcohol’s leftover toxins.

2. Coconut water
Lots of people swear by this stuff to cure a hangover, and for good reason. It’s really hydrating, and one carton typically packs more potassium than a banana—which is the key nutrient for feeling better fast.

3. Bananas
One fruit that works its magic on a hangover is the humble banana—especially if you’ve (yikes!) thrown up. It’s the obvious choice to get potassium into your system fast, plus bananas are gentle on the stomach. They’ll provide necessarily electrolytes lost during heaving drinking,

4. Green tea
Green tea is packed with antioxidants, which keep your body’s cells and organs healthy. This means a healthier liver, which will help you recover faster. If you’re feeling sick, add rosemary or lavender to your tea – they’ll calm your stomach fast.

5. Miso soup
Have some miso soup with your eggs. Miso soup replaces a lot of things our bodies need to feel better: water, sodium. Because it’s a fermented food that contains healthy bacteria, miso can also help with digestion if last night’s kebab is playing havoc with your insides.

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