Getting over the bank holiday blues in once piece

It’s been a great weekend – but now you need damage control.

It’s time to treat your purse, and body the way it deserves after the weekend. Here’s how to survive the bank holiday crisis:

1. Plan out your finances
You spent a lot of money this weekend. Plan your meals, hit up Aldi and DO NOT attempt to stop off at the shop for Revels after work.

1253527972_money2. Leave your bank card at home!
You know exactly how much cash you need for college or work. Bring that and just that.

i_dont_understand_bus_lanes_why_do_poor_people_have_to_get_to_places_quicker_than_i_do_by_jeremy_clarkson3. Carry a litre bottle of water with you
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and you’ll be back to your old self in no time!

k4. Fight off the fear!
Be mindful of your actions and you won’t have anything to fear! Simples!

lll2. “Spirits before beer or you’ll be on your ear.”
You’ll remember that next time, won’t you…

gg1. Down a pint of milk
If your weekend STILL isn’t over, drink some milk. ‘Twill do you the world of good.

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