While we get that Khloe is loving her super fit and healthy lifestyle, we're not buying her latest "natural" hangover cure.

We'd rather get stuck into a spice bag and a Coke, but Khloe recommends a much more calorie chaste alternative.

"I’m no stranger to living it up on a night out and then enduring a rough morning," the star admitted on her website


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The star's fail safe remedy involves some GOOP-worthy yoga and herbal tea. 

"If the thought of yoga isn’t vomit-inducing, then try doing child’s pose. The position is said to stimulate the circulation of lymph, a fluid in your body that helps remove toxins, AKA all that alcohol you drank last night," advises the fitness fanatic. 

Rather than that breakfast tea with two sugars, Khloe recommends a concoction of hot water, coconut and lemon, as well as ginger and mint tea.


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We'd be proud if we managed to emerge from under the duvet covers, never mind do some yoga and brew some Instagramable ginger tea.

In some more relatable advice, Khloe sings the praises of replacing lost nutrients through the pursuit of carby bagels and bananas. 

We'd still prefer a three-in-one but we could live with a hungover bagel.