The pubs may be closed tonight, but that probably won’t stop you stocking up on the vino and making the most of the long weekend.

If you’re feeling a bit peaky over the weekend, step away from the fry-up and try these healthy hangover cures instead.

1. Eggs
Besides being an easily digested food that’s gentle on your stomach, eggs are packed with protein. Plus thanks to their large amounts of cysteine, eggs help mop up alcohol’s leftover toxins.

2. Coconut water
Lots of people swear by this stuff to cure a hangover, and for good reason. It’s really hydrating, and one carton typically packs more potassium than a banana—which is the key nutrient for feeling better fast.

3. Bananas
One fruit that works its magic on a hangover is the humble banana—especially if you’ve (yikes!) thrown up. It’s the obvious choice to get potassium into your system fast, plus bananas are gentle on the stomach. They’ll provide necessarily electrolytes lost during heaving drinking,

4. Green tea
Green tea is packed with antioxidants, which keep your body’s cells and organs healthy. This means a healthier liver, which will help you recover faster. If you’re feeling sick, add rosemary or lavender to your tea – they’ll calm your stomach fast.

5. Miso soup
Have some miso soup with your eggs. Miso soup replaces a lot of things our bodies need to feel better: water, sodium. Because it’s a fermented food that contains healthy bacteria, miso can also help with digestion if last night’s kebab is playing havoc with your insides.