Yes, colour trends come and go but we have to say we love this one. 

This quirky trend, which has been dubbed the 'Mother of Pearl', uses muted pastel tones which fade throughout the hair for a shimmery, pearly look. 

It definitely has a much more subtle effect than the silver hair trend and we think it is super demure for those of us who just don't want a 'normal' hair colour. 

The look is achieved by bleaching the hair and then using soft blues, pinks and greens to achieve a 'washed out' look. 

It's pretty much a way easier to wear version of the rainbow hair trend. 

Top colour stylist Aura Friedman said that she achieved the look by using her expertise colouring skills. 

Speaking to Pop Sugar, Aura said that she first bleached the hair to a pearl tone (that is the colour just before you reach that silvery hue). She then layered on the brighter colours strategically around the head before washing out. 


Mother Of Pearl via @birchbox painted by me at @ionstudionyc #motherofpearl #pastelhair #hairtrends #opalhair

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Well, the result is suitably beautiful. 

Could you rock the Mother of Pearl?