Potter heads! This Hogwarts hair trend is downright magical


So, you may have noticed that the ladies here at SHEmazing HQ have a sliiight obsession with all things Harry Potter.

From Potter-themed hotels to Sorting Hat candles, we're running out of ways to prove our love for the magical series – well, almost. 

Introducing Harry Potter hair! 

Inspired by the colours of the house of Gryffindor, the magical look is was first created by hairstylist Crystal Casey created using a balayage technique with hues of orange, yellow, red and purple. 

Speaking to Allure about how she created the spellbinding hairstyle, she explained: "The colour itself was inspired by Gryffindor from the Harry Potter movies, with my own twist, of course."

And the best part is that the HP hairdo suits all skin tones, as Crystal explains: "Since a lot of the natural brown base is left untouched, just about any skin tone can wear it."

And for those of you who were sorted into a different house (hey, hey fellow Slytherins), a whole host of Howarts-themed hair colours have been popping up online recently. 

Just check out these whimsical styles created by Krystina Sporck. 

Sorry, but being in Ravenclaw has never looked more appealing.