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If you wear glasses on the regular, you'll know only too well how often you have to push them up your nose in order to avoid the disapproving headmistress vibe.

And while most of just accept this adorkable gesture as standard, it seems others think we're in dire need of a product which will help us to keep our glasses in place.

And that product, ladies, is known as Nerdwax.

Available on Amazon for a cool $10.99. the product claims to secure your glasses to your face, and ultimately reduces the number of times you have to do the old one-fingered adjustment.

Made of 100% all-natural ingredients and likely to last up to 8 months, Nerdwax is the handbag essential we didn't know we needed.




Choosing photos for your Tinder profile is an absolute minefield.

The name of the game is to share snaps which help illustrate what you're all about, (the edited version, obvs) but according to a recent study, it doesn't matter how flattering your photos are because apparently no one makes passes at girls wearing glasses.

No, seriously.

The study, which was conducted by the uber-popular dating app, established that your chances of finding The One are reduced by a staggering 12% if you're rocking a pair of bifocals in your profile.

Commenting on the results, dating expert Dr Jessica Carbino explained that being able to see the eyes of a potential  partner is paramount  – something which is somewhat hindered if a possible match is wearing specs.

According to Marie Claire, Dr Carbino understands an individual's reluctance to swipe right on a glasses-wearer, saying: "Seeing the iris gives us clues as to whether you can be trusted."

Here, unless they're wearing sunglasses in every picture, that argument does NOT hold up.




As kids, there was nothing that could cement your stamp of uncoolness more than having to wear glasses. Oh, how we battled against wearing them… until we realised we couldn't see the blackboard unless we were literally four inches away.

Of course nowadays, every hipster and their mother owns a pair of massive specs, whether or not they have eyesight issues.

But for those of us who wear glasses to see rather than be seen, it's a very different story. Here are a few of the massive pitfalls that will no doubt resonate with you if you're a specs-wearer.

1.The make-up dilemma
Much and all as we'd like to say otherwise, there is literally no way to avoid the revolting, caked-in, day-old make-up we all find on the bridge and nosepads of our specs.

"Don't mind me, I'm just picking bits of my face off these old things."


2. The precipitation issue
During a sudden downpour, you're left fighting for your life as your glasses steam up, slide off your face and leave you feeling more vulnerable than Bambi on roller skates.


3. The accessory quandary
Oh, you can work a bangle or two when you're rocking your thick, black, plastic frames, but a headband or, God forbid, a pair of dangly earrings? Forget it.

"Do I look like a Christmas tree? I do, don't I? I'll go change."


4. The cleaning issue
Unless you're super prepared and regularly carry that handy little chamois which came with your new frames, chances are you're often left looking for an appropriate piece of fabric to clean your lenses. CONSTANT SMUDGES.


5. The glasses hunt
Not being able to find your glasses because you're not WEARING your glasses has got to be one of life's cruellest jokes.


6. The lost limb effect
The recurring "WHERE ARE MY GLASSES?" fear that occurs on the rare days you decide to wear your contacts? Yeah, that's the sign of a hardcore specs-wearer. 


7. The pain problem
There you are doing the right thing – wearing your glasses like you promised the optician you would – and out of nowhere they begin digging into your ears, rendering you momentarily speechless.

"Sorry, what was that you were saying? I temporarily went deaf due to these instruments of torture."


8. The chill factor
When you wear glasses, you'll know that lying on your side on the couch isn't really an option unless you enjoy that kind of discomfort.


9. The cost quandary
Yes, your current pair are falling apart and you haven't been able to see properly for the best part of a year, but like hell you're going to shell out €300 for a new pair.


10. The selection process
Once you do finally succumb to the pressure of buying a new pair, you're forced to endure days of torture as you try on new frames without actually being able to see how you look.

"Do I look like Elton John or Gigi Hadid? I'm going to have to trust you on this one."




One Direction have literally been everywhere promoting their latest album, Made In The AM,  which means we are getting a healthy dose of the boys before they head off on their one year hiatus (nooooo!). 

It is common knowledge among One Directioners that Niall occasionally sports a pair of glasses – but never have the elusive spectacles made it onto the stage. 

Until now, that is. *cue hysteria*. 

The glasses made their appearance while the four-piece were performing on Good Morning America earlier this week, with the new look even prompting the host to ask the Mullingar-man about his new look. 

“Eye sight’s failed me hasn’t it? No not at all, they’re an accessory,” he replied. 

Nevertheless, the minor appearance change prompted inevitable Twitter chaos and the One Directioners went through several stages of attempting to cope with the news. 


1) There was initial panic 


2) Then they were a tad speechless  


3) There were emotional reactions 


4) And physical reactions


5) Next came the drama.  

6. And we mean DRAMA 


7) Next came the impure thoughts  


8) Finally, there was a rallying cry to make sure Niall never removes those glasses ever again 

We must admit though, he does look well in glasses.

And, SWOON. 



Glasses can make you look sultry and dramatic – think secretaries peering over the frame. Unfortunately, it can be a little confusing when it comes to make-up – how much eyeshadow to apply, to use mascara or not to use mascara – fortunately for you, we have six great tips:

Stick with neutral colours – bright colours just don’t look as good behind glasses.

This is the best place to put your bright colours to work. Try a red lip for a dramatic look.

Mascara is a must to really enhance your beautiful peepers. Don’t worry – it doesn’t stick against your glasses, ignore the haters.

Those who have thicker framed eyeglasses show go with think eyeliner and thin frame wears should go a little lighter.

Blush it up to get a warm glow and to bring your look together.

Make your eyebrows work for you – a high dramatic arch is perfect for those who wear glasses.